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Born to Kill: Vietnam BETA [OUTDATED]
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Born to Kill: Vietnam BETA [OUTDATED]


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mod is currently outdated and incompatible with the base game! It will be fixed soon. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Born To Kill is a conversion mod for Day of Infamy moving the intense shooter experience from the World War 2 setting to the lush green undrgrowth of the Vietnam war.

Born To Kill builds on the realistic weapon behaviour and squad system in DOI to bring team work to the forefront in gameplay. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you hunt your foes all across the Drang valley. It will give you sweaty palms as you creep along the Cu Chi tunnels and just trying to survive the Tet Offensive will reignite all those flashbacks.

Bringing you the smell of napalm in the morning and rotting corpses at night, nothing takes you back to the the jungle like Born To Kill.

How to play:
- Subscribe to this mod and all required items, wait for download to complete
- Go to Multiplayer or Coop in main menu, click on "browse servers" and look for servers under Born to Kill tab[]

This is Early Beta version, so some stuff may be unfinished and there will be bugs, but we'll do our best to fix them as fast as possible.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
1. Can i still play normal Day of Infamy?
- Yes, this mod doesn't change any default content, so default DoI is not affected. BTK will only work when you join BTK servers.

Update Changelog
Born to Kill Backgrounds and Menu Musc
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Uncle_Izya Sep 23 @ 7:29pm 
really? it works?
noober97 Sep 22 @ 7:08pm 
please eveyone get on!
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Its works now!
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I had a full coop match a few days ago
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I have been playing but no one is on
noober97 Sep 22 @ 7:07pm 
yo guys it works now
D0CT0R Sep 22 @ 4:01pm 
I'll wait until they make a full game from this, like they make from Day of Infamy
Generalissimo Sep 21 @ 10:15pm 
Is this fixed yet any update?
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Can we at least get a status update please developers?
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