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Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2
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Aug 8, 2012 @ 4:07pm
Apr 6, 2013 @ 8:43am
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Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2

The sequel to the popular "Epic Creatures of Skyrim", Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2 contains more gigantic monsters, more awesome spells, kickass armors and is generally better than the original.

Dawnguard is required for this mod now.
If you don't have dawnguard, here is a version very similar to this that has no dawnguard content.

As you level up in Skyrim, the game starts to get boring. You have impenetrable armor, kickass weaponry, overpowered spells... you are completely unstoppable. And everybody knows that the worst part of any game is when you are god.

So, I went and made a mod that laughs at your petty attempts to be unstoppable

This mod adds a bunch of enemies that range from hard to impossible.

Some of the enemies include:
Black Knight: A very powerful warrior

Dark Knight: I'M BATMAN!

Dark Dreadlord: The most powerful player-sized creature added to the mod.

Arachnophobia: A gigantic frostbite spider.

Zombie: They aren't very strong on their own, but very rarely will you find a zombie without twenty more to back it up.

Wasp: This freaky praying mantis thing.

Draconis Gigantus: An extremely huge and extremely powerful dragon. He's too big to fly, but that only means he has more time to destroy you.

Draconis Colossus: Draconis Colossus spent 20 years trying to lose weight so that he could fly, unlike his brother. Unfortunately, he has considerably less health than Gigantus,

Etc.:That means that there's more, but I don't want to list them all.
Almost all of these can be found in at least one location in Tamriel (examples, Spider-zilla can be found at Bleakwind Basin, a Giant Giant is at sleeping tree camp, etc.), except for the draconis, because they're so huge, and because they're so difficult to kill.


Now that I've had some free time, I've been able to pinpoint what the problems with the Gauntlet were before (I forgot NavMesh). So, now I can say with confidence that the Gauntlet will be making a return soon.
For those that don't know, the Gauntlet is an extensive arena that you will die at. It has over 40 rooms of powerful enemies, with the final room leading to a fight with the most overpowered enemy ever. So, you know, yay.


There is also an entire new set of armors and weapons. There is:

-A Heavy Armor set that looks awesome. Steve wears it.
-A Light Armor set that looks awesome. Ninja wears it.
-Dragonborn helmet and cuirass that looks like the guy in Skyrim trailers. Ninja sells it.

-A set of weapons that includes everything that is considered a weapon except warhammers and waraxes, because there were no really good looking models of those in the Creation kit.

All of these can be crafted at a forge, given that you have the perk that lets you craft all that stuff.


Who doesn't like awesome spells? Nobody, that's who. Well, nobody that plays Skyrim, anyway.
Spells include, but are not limited to:

--Holy Hand Grenade: Shoots a flaming jug that detonaes with a planet sized explosion.
--Hurricane: A blast of wind that sends things flying.
--Gatling Gun: Shoots a million arrows per second.
--Solar Flare: A fireball that explodes and sends things flying. Much more powerful in the sunlight.
--Wreched Force: Pulls NPCs to you.
--Call of Darkness: Blocks out the sun.
--Flamethrower: a more powerful version of the Flames spell.
--Vansih: Find an enemy you don't want to deal with at the moment? Just cast this spell at them and they will disappear.
--Dark Shadows: Launches a pulse that explodes on impact and drains the life of anything it hits. Only useable by the staff.


One aspect of the vanilla I found particularly annoying is that once you reach level 40 or so, you literally CANNOT spend all your money. The only time you ever go to a merchant is to sell stuff, never to buy. So there is an NPC, named Ninja, that stands near the Whiterun Stables and sells some very expensive stuff, such as the armor, weapons and spells I mentioned earlier.

Also, there is a second NPC, Steve. He stands around the same area as Ninja, but instead of selling you stuff, he can be your follower.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Since Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2 is incompatible with the first, you need to uninstall the first before you install the second. HOWEVER, before you unsubscribe from the first, you need to unequip and, preferrably, sell any armor pieces that were added to the first if you had any equipped.

If there is anything missing from the first mod, tell me, and I can add it back.

Remember that I WILL take monster requests. Just post in the comments what you want added, and you can be sure that it will be in the game by the next update or two, if it's possible.
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Is there a way you could make a mod so that there's about 20 titanic spider corpses teleporting around? I would really like to fuck myself up.
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Unable to buy from ninja. Also, giant dragon just circles in the air and never attacks. Also, that is the only unique monster I've run into except the dark night guy in the dungeons. Help pls.
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