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Football Manager 2017

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J League Data Pack Season 2017
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Mar 10 @ 10:28pm
May 19 @ 9:06pm
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J League Data Pack Season 2017

Note: This pack is for 17.3.0 database. For original database, please refer to original "J League Data Pack"

Include over 6000 J1, J2, J3, JFL and Regional Leagues (1st Division) players and staff (No playable league included), with latest transfer status (only transfers related to J).

This pack is base on original "J League Data Pack", and J1-J3 and JFL are updated with latest 2017 squad (both players and staff). Will continue to update Regional Leagues and fix player stats (especially rookies) later on.

Any comments, suggestions or duplicate player report are welcomed.
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Mar 12 @ 7:50am
Google Drive Version
Mar 10 @ 10:33pm
Jリーグデータパック シーズン2017
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ぱるる May 24 @ 4:43pm 
Can't coach J1?
arahebi May 20 @ 8:07pm 
catalina-sol May 20 @ 3:03am 
Where I can find a facepack on this add?
白鳥かりん  [author] May 19 @ 9:18pm 
Thanks for the information, and all data are updated in today's update.
supergavie May 19 @ 2:53pm 
Kazuhiro Yanagida -Free Agent (Origional)
Kazuhiro Yanagida -Tegevajaro Miyazaki (Duplicate)

Junpei Yano -Free Agent (Origional)
Junpei Yano -Suzuka Unlimited (Duplicate)

Naoki Yoshimoto- Free Agent (Origional)
Naoki Yoshimoto- Free Agent (Duplicate)

Kazuaki Yoshinaga- Albirex Niigata (Singapore) (Origional)
Kazuaki Yoshinaga -Ventforet Kofu (Duplicate)

Takuro Yoshioka- Free Agent (Origional)
Takuro Yoshioka- Amitie Sports Club (Duplicate)

Takamichi Yotsutsuji- Free Agent (Origional)
Takamichi Yotsutsuji- FC Nakatsu (Duplicate)

Yuta Zaitsu -Free Agent (Origional)
Yuta Zaitsu -Nippon Steel (Duplicate)
supergavie May 19 @ 2:52pm 
Kensuke Wada -Free Agent (Origional)
Kensuke Wada -Iwaki Furukawa (Duplicate)

Yuki Watanabe -Free Agent (Origional)
Yuki Watanabe- Sakai Phoenix (Duplicate)

Kazuya Yamada -Free Agent (Origional)
Kazuya Yamada -Free Agent (Duplicate)

Seiko Yamanaka- Free Agent (Origional)
Seiko Yamanaka -Kochi University (Duplicate)

Koki Yamashita- Free Agent (Origional)
Koki Yamashita- Fagiano Okayama (Duplicate)

Yasuaki Yamashita- Free Agent (Origional)
Yasuaki Yamashita -Fagiano Okayama (Duplicate)

Yoshihiro Yamauchi -Free Agent (Origional)
Yoshihiro Yamauchi -Lagend Shiga (Duplicate)
supergavie May 19 @ 2:52pm 
Takuya Tokunaga- Free Agent (Origional)
Takuya Tokunaga -Free Agent (Duplicate)

Shodai Tokushige -Free Agent (Origional)
Shodai Tokushige -FC Miyazaki (Duplicate)

Shokichi Tsutsui- Free Agent (Origional)
Shokichi Tsutsui- Free Agent (Duplicate)

Yoshitaka Uchida -Free Agent (Origional)
Yoshitaka Uchida- Free Agent (Duplicate)

Kazuto Uno- Free Agent (Origional)
Kazuto Uno -Lagend Shiga (Duplicate)
supergavie May 19 @ 2:51pm 
Makoto Takabayashi- Free Agent (Origional)
Makoto Takabayashi- Iwaki Furukawa (Duplicate)

Shinpei Takakura -Free Agent (Origional)
Shinpei Takakura-Nippon Steel (Duplicate)

Naoki Takehara -Free Agent (Origional)
Naoki Takehara -Nippon Steel (Duplicate)

Hiromasa Tanaka- Free Agent (Origional)
Hiromasa Tanaka -Fagiano Okayama (Duplicate)
supergavie May 19 @ 2:51pm 
Kazuhiro Shibata- Free Agent (Origional)
Kazuhiro Shibata -Free Agent (Duplicate)

Yoshitaka Shimamura- Hangzhou Lucheng (Origional)
Yoshitaka Shimamura- Free Agent (Duplicate)

Ippei Sugawara- Free Agent (Origional)
Ippei Sugawara- Nippon Steel (Duplicate)

Katsunori Suzuki -Free Agent (Origional)
Katsunori Suzuki -Iwaki Furukawa (Duplicate)
supergavie May 19 @ 2:50pm 
Shinpei Sakaki- Free Agent (Origional)
Shinpei Sakaki- Suzuka Unlimited (Duplicate)

Shoichiro Sakamoto -Albirex Niigata (Singapore) (Origional)
Shoichiro Sakamoto- Free Agent (Duplicate)

Kento Sakimoto-Free Agent (Origional)
Kento Sakimoto- LLamas Kochi (Duplicate)

Genki Sato -Free Agent (Origional)
Genki Sato -Bandits Iwaki (Duplicate)

Junpei Sato -Free Agent (Origional)
Junpei Sato -Nippon Steel (Duplicate)

Takashi Sekizuka- Free Agent (Origional)
Takashi Sekizuka-Free Agent (Duplicate)