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Conquer The Seas
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Mar 10, 2017 @ 5:16pm
May 3, 2017 @ 5:39pm
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Conquer The Seas


This mod adds a bunch of boats with different functionality as well as a bunch of new boat related buildables for docking and harbor front. There is currently more than 70 items in this mod to learn and create. It has a primitive type side with wooden ships and buildables then moves into the modern type with steel and concrete buildables and motorized boats and an Air Ship.The Mod is Stackable and shouldnt need to be in any particular order. Mod ID is 880947262. If you like this mod PLEASE give it a thumbs up for exposure.

  • Every boat that you would drive has a minimap while on it.
  • Motorized boats have a fuel system with Fuel Gauge UI
  • Fuel system and lots of other boats features are configurable in INI and added to every month
  • Every boat you would drive has dynamic view distance by pressing Num pad +/- to zoom in and out
  • Ships with Cannons Fire actual cannon balls at command of the captain
  • Two Submarines, one for battle and solo use and one for exploring with a friend. Subs give oxygen to player while inside
  • Submarines Have Electric AOE attacks and Torpedos
  • Massive Ocean Platform to build a floating base on
  • Cargo Vessels that can be used as giant movable bases with a turbo speed at the cost of double fuel
  • A wood dock buildable line with lots of props and paintability
  • A concrete dock buildable line with props and paintability
  • Concrete docking reduces GFX load with lower then default Tris and being 4 times larger than vanilla items
  • Air Ship with missiles and Rocket Booster Upgrades
  • Radar Buoys that will announce to the tribe when an enemy player comes close if fueled
  • 2 new wall lights and one standing light
  • 2 fishing boats, one Motorized and one primitive, that can fish up random materials
  • An oil rig that harvests oil from underground
  • A harvester rig that harvests random base materials it digs up from the ocean floor
  • A Harvesting Drill that drills into the earth to gather random resources
  • A modified raft with dynamic view and minimap added as well as larger build capacity and radius
  • A Jet Ski to zip around at top speed
  • A Speed Boat to move around quickly with a passenger seat
  • More than 70 Engrams to learn and build
  • Player immunity to damage while driving boats making it so if shot with a cannon or missile they arent killed off the controls before the boat is destroyed.
  • Boats have lots of cargo space and some preserve food.
  • And More!

Current Items in the Mod:
  • Cargo Barge and Low Profile Barge
  • Galleon and Battle Galleon
  • Radar Buoy
  • Fishing Boat and Primitive Fishing Boat
  • Man 'O War
  • Harvesting Rig
  • Jet Ski
  • Ocean Base Platform
  • Oil Rig
  • Speed Boat
  • Land Harvester
  • BBQ
  • Custom Fish for BBQ Recipies
  • Wood Dock Foundation, Wall, Doorway, Door, Ceiling, Supported Stairs and Non Supported Stairs
  • Concrete Fountation, Wall, Doorway, Door, Ceiling, Supported Floor, Supported Stairs, Non Supported Stairs and Half Height Stairs
  • Chain Barrier Fence
  • Rope Barrier Fence
  • Chain Link Wall, Ceiling, Doorway
  • Wall Candle Light, Wall Lantern Light
  • Standing Oil Lamp
  • Steel and Wooden Barrel
  • Medium and Large Crate (can be built on top of each other)
  • Fire Pit
  • Lighthouse Foundation, Structure and Door
  • Map Table (Crafting Table)
  • Rope Barrier Fence
  • Wood Mooring Post
  • Steel Mooring
  • Cannon Ball Pile
  • Treasure Chest
  • Wooden Cargo Crane
  • Wooden Gallows
  • Steel Sea Can (Can be built on top of each other)
  • More added Monthly!

Here is the list of Spawn Codes.
You can fill out a Support Ticket Here[].
Ini Options are listed Here
Thanks to Bong there is a list of Engram Overrides in the discussions section.

Officially supported Conquer the Seas Servers:


- Low Profile Barge Retexture
- Jet Ski and Speed Boat moved to Dynamic Boat System

RedZedHead TV's Airship, Jet Ski and Harvester Rig Video

A very well done RP style video done by Arkuna Matata.

Important Information:
As stated in the patch notes and many times in many places the default settings of this mod require fuel in any motorized boat to move. Either alter the ini to your liking or put the appropriate fuel in the boats inventory to move. There is also a massive info box that pops up the first time you spawn and board a vessel that tells you what fuel type it uses and how often it uses said fuel.

A list of common issues and answers are kept on the front page of the ticket system. Any questions that are asked that the information is either in this description or on that page will not be answered in the comments section. The Ticket page can be found here[].

Do not post advertisements in the comments section, they will be deleted.

This mod will no longer receive updates and patches. After one of wildcards editor updates my local mod files were all corrupted. I spent many hours trying to work around it but came to the conclusion I would have to redo too much recent work that I don't have time to do anymore.

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
This Mod is Copyrighted ©Conquer The Seas 2015-2018. Any other author using this mods Logic or Assets without permission is in violation of that copyright

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Hi me and my server have had issues where we log in and either ships are heavily damaged or just plain disappear. Does anyone have any idea why?
kilrath81  [author] Feb 13 @ 2:49pm 
I think map table was crafted in your inventory not at a table.
ijah Feb 11 @ 7:50pm 
Affreux affreux affreux qu'est ce que c'est moche les textures sont vilaines et grossiéres m^me pas digue de minecraft.
terragon118 Feb 8 @ 12:14pm 
It is sad to see this mod go but if it must it must. Also I have noticed it either doesnt play well with other mods like S+. I have tried both vanilla and mod structures but havent found this mysterious "Map Table" the items say they need to be crafter at though I have noticed it says can only be crafted in smithy. Was this from the corruption or do I need to spawn in all the bits and bobs? Just curious is all not complaining I would love to see this mod working again.
kilrath81  [author] Feb 6 @ 12:59pm 
At the people whining that I'm not fixing it unless I'm making money, this is only half true. If wildcard hadn't screwed up on a editor update that corrupted the files I likely would still be doing small updates. I'm not updating it because they broke it and showed 0 interest in helping to fix what they broke. So now that this company didn't care about my mod or any of the other ones that got corrupted in updates (I had other modders friends who had this exact same issue), I won't be restarting all the work that was lost for free. I work at a studio as a mmo systems programmer as a part time job and then have a full time job and a family. I'm not going to drop an actual programming position to rewrite mods for free.
kilrath81  [author] Feb 6 @ 12:57pm 
I'm sorry if people are not happy with this but they knew this mod existed. They know it was 100 times more advanced then the boat mod they sponsored. A mod from what I hear the dude took the money and stopped updating. So yea, if they want to sponsor this mod I will restart all the previous work i lost to this editor debacle. But I will not be doing it for free.
Roosterking Feb 6 @ 6:04am 
how do i make the duel for the boats
Locus Feb 1 @ 7:37pm 
crashes server everytime used.
jintoya Feb 1 @ 3:31pm 
anyone reccomend a map that has a nice big ocean for this? why isnt there a water world yet?
kinda like how minecraft has that sky island thing, why not make a couple really small islands with a few good dino spawns, a huge expansive ocean and the challenge be surviving it?
if the ocean were big enough, you could add a kraken and other crazy junk... subnautica with dino's
Vocal Tune Jan 27 @ 11:11pm 
confirmed to work for Valhalla at least. so it should work anywhere else. Just remember it counts as a fat file so if your gonna have this don't have another one with 1k mbs. Because players with potato computers/internet will have a harder time getting in. But in some cases most players can handle them without much trouble.