Portal 2

Portal 2

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Geneosis' Impossible Chambers
Difficulty level : Impossible

No way to exit the chambers using classical Portal mechanisms only... You need to use glitches of the game to find a way out ;)

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Items (2)
Find the Glitch
Created by Geneosis
I tried several maps that exposed the different glitches present in Portal 2. I decided to create my own, trying to make the player use the glitch without even knowing it.

Type : Glitch/Demo
Difficulty : Impossible (without glitch)

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Find the Glitch... Again!
Created by Geneosis
When I completed the first map Find the Glitch, I let some glitches out because of the item limit... Here is a new map where you can try them all ^^ Once again I tried to make it understandable without knowing the glitches before ;)

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