The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Happy Items Pack
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Mar 9 @ 7:49am
Jun 2 @ 2:16pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Happy Items Pack

This cool mod adds:
- 4 exciting items
- 1 scary familiar
- 3 amusing trinkets


ep - all the amazing coding
HappyHead - design and art
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Jul 22 @ 2:53am
Bug Repoting Thread
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DaDerp Jul 21 @ 7:41am 
This was the first mod to CRASH MY GAME!
COMPANION CUBE Jul 19 @ 2:45pm 
pinhead + parasite = glitches please fix
eMagix Jul 13 @ 10:59am 
Can someone make standalone version for that shopkeepers? I wan't it in booster pack #4 !!
Kirbyster Jun 8 @ 2:51pm 
Using jera on the shopkeep chests glitches them so when you open one the other is gravitated to it and bugs out. Also sometimes when blowing them up they explode like 40 times dropping huge amounts of spiders and coins (a bug I assume).
DarkLordofCats Jun 6 @ 8:48pm 
The sandpaper glitches out so that isaac can go through rocks when moving up against them, and the grapling hook makes it so isaac can walk over pits when the hook attachs to a wall over a pit. Please fix these and this will be an amazing mod
xPAINxKINGx Jun 6 @ 4:16am 
lil' lamb chop is really cool. his attacks DO any damge? Because they seem almost useless at damage. Infinite bombs and cool bro familiar, though
xfiend09 Jun 2 @ 2:50pm 
ok ill unsub then sub again and test
HappyHead  [author] Jun 2 @ 2:48pm 
make sure you have the latest version installed
xfiend09 Jun 2 @ 2:40pm 
sorry for bothering you, but its still not appearing. my apologizes
xfiend09 Jun 2 @ 2:24pm 
ok ill try now, ill give feedback