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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish, Ukrainian
Players: Single-player
Mar 8 @ 10:40pm
Sep 7 @ 8:52am
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Alpha 1 is now available
Alpha 1 is now available to pre-order
Release date: Late 2017
Ostriv puts you in a role of a governor of an 18th century town to challenge your creative skills and management abilities. Dive into the story mode and decide the fate of your country, or just build your cities for fun in sandbox mode.

Main features:

Create your cities, trade with neighboring towns by land or distant countries by sea, define taxes and policies, and watch as Ostriv's world reacts to your decisions in a natural way.

The game utilizes a custom engine written from scratch to allow for the most detailed simulation, including seamless seasons change, influences on environment, economy simulation, and realistic human behavior.

Every citizen is an individual who has their own motivation and set of abilities. Thus each playthrough creates a plenty of unique life stories.

Watch your people arrange their lives in your town: make families, choose jobs based on their skills, produce and sell goods to each other, and move up the social ladder.

They can also resort to violence and crime when their needs are not fulfilled.

Created solely by one man, the game keeps its style consistent with the author's vision. Inspired by Ukrainian culture, Ostriv delivers a unique Eastern European feel never shown in city-building games before.

Create your own levels, buildings, scenarios, or even develop a full-scale campaign. Share your creations with the community or download mods made by other players on the Steam Workshop.

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Nov 1 @ 3:06am
Kann ich das game auch mal in steam kaufen
Rspect.Doctor Q
Nov 5 @ 4:00pm
WIe und wo ?
Nov 4 @ 12:07pm
Startup Crash
< >
SL@VCH|K ® Nov 14 @ 4:55am 
Очень интересная игра, разработчик просто молодец! Поиграл в версию 1.4, очень круто и интересно, конечно украинский и русский очень похожи, но для удобства хочется видеть с русским интерфейсом, а может быть и русскую нацию даже, хоть и особо ни чем не отличались, если только архитектура немного другая. Очень интересно происходит возведение зданий, возможно ли ещё более детальное возведение?)) В общем жду эту стратегию в стиме.
Chichul Nov 12 @ 4:25am 
STEAM please add this game in the store.... :) Thanks
☬QiVi☬ Nov 11 @ 10:04am 
Есть единственная проблема.... ( На пиратке ) Ли бо из за плохой оптимизации или что... выбивает ошибку... и написало что не хватает памяти... 3 гб ОП., 32.bit AMD Athlon(TM) 64 x2doal core4200+ 2.21 GHz ВИдеокарта GeForce GT 420 Очень хотелось бы поиграть на своем калькуляторе...(
JuveViktor Nov 10 @ 4:19am 
Жду в steam
Huligans666 Nov 7 @ 1:10pm 
Будет ли данная игра в Стиме? Вопрос когда и по какой цене? Steam прошу Вас ответить на данный вопрос?!!!
KHAARNE Nov 6 @ 1:31pm 
Когда будет в стиме? поиграл в пиратке, понравилось) теперь хочу лицуху) Дуже дякую за гру!)
Franko Mocarello Nov 5 @ 6:45am 
Ура! Наконец что-то новое на рынке стратегий появилось! Уютная и интересная игра (сужу только по обзорам). Хочу скорее попробовать. Только будет ли русский язык?
[GER]KevTrev Nov 4 @ 12:09pm 
Just bought the Game 10 minutes ago. Sadly it keeps crashing. First it crashed in the Start menu. After some fixing and changing the Settings ---->Use ostriv_settings.exe to disable multisampling or anisotropic filtering (solves some hardware issues) i could choose a map and load it. But now i cant build anything. i can enter the Production building menu. But right after i click on a building i want the game crashes. Only saying there were Problems with Ostriv.
Couldn´t fix the game yet. Thanks for your help. Hopefully :D


Okay have to add. The Game still crashes in the Menu. Lets say after 10 seconds. I were just to fast so i could load the map. Help pls
Jek29 Nov 4 @ 11:06am 
Русский язык планируется?
Extra0 Nov 4 @ 8:24am 
Очень жду её в Стиме))))