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Doing Science ASETI 2.0
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Aug 7, 2012 @ 6:22pm
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Hello there, investors! Cave Johnson here. This is our next ASETI for your test subjects. This time, make sure just to shove 'em on in there, lock the door, and drink some champagne while they run around doing- Caroline, what'll these test subjects be doing? Jumping? Being stupid? Well, whatever they're doing, they will probably not be having any fun. Speaking of test subjects, I realize in these tough times you may not have any test subjects. Well, don't worry, Cave took care of it. This one comes with a full truckload of test subjects, and I can personally assure you that chimps make perfectly good test subjects. Just so that you know. As it turns out, chimps are just about as primitive as humans. So that's good news for you, because... well, science and I can read your future, and apparently, you will be dealing with a lot of chimps soon that are not primitive enough to know how to use the bathroom.