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A Dirty and Ghastly Vampire Counts Reskin
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A Dirty and Ghastly Vampire Counts Reskin

This is all my reskins for the Vampire Counts so far and hence forth, including Dirty Zombies and Ghastly Ghouls etc.

Generally, I want to make the units look dirtier, more "lived-in", more interesting, more varied and closer to the lore of Warhammer Fantasy.

No stats are changed. Only database files regarding colours will be altered.

This is a work-in-progress. Suggestions are welcome.

Update notes can be viewed in the Change Notes tab. + means new added, ! means a change.

Units Changed:
I've put a * preceding the names of those I've changed the unit card for.
  1. Zombies - dirtier, more clothes and colour variants. added 2 zombified emp troop heads.
  2. *Tithe Zombies - made to look like death-worshipping (mass-suicide?) cultists. Removed shirts and jackets and given flagellant skirts and necromancer mask and scarf.
  3. Corpse Carts - you can probably guess
  4. *Crypt Ghouls - Although still living, cannibalism and dark magic have corrupted these humans into depraved, gruesome creatures. (no longer green + dirty + rashes etc. + 2nd unit variant + bloodied their weapons)
  5. *RoR Feaster Crypt Ghouls - caked in blood and grime (no longer blue)
  6. *Crypt Horrors - Former Crypt Ghouls which were granted a quaff of their vampire master's blood, causing a feverishly frantic appetite and transmogrifying them into raving undead monstrosities. (made them grey, veiny, dirty and added a 2nd unit variant)
  7. Strigoi Ghoul Kings - dirtier, colour changed
  8. *Vargulfs - dirtier, more purple, hair ends lighter. I think it makes them look more like a rabid wild vampire rather than just a bat creature.
  9. Skeleton Warriors - nasty and dirty. shield dirt and colour variation (dark earthy colours)
  10. RoR Stalker Skeleton Warriors - skulls on shield made grey
  11. Grave Guard (and Black Knights) - dirty and dark, hue slightly shifted towards red
  12. Grave Guard w/ Great Weapons - removed winged helmets, their swords kept clipping through them
  13. *RoR Sternsmen Grave Guards (and *Reaver BKs) - Green bones to signify their self-regenerative ability. dirt and colour change to shirts and shields. given Wight King helmets but with bits removed to make them less like crowns
  14. Wight Kings - removed the helmet I've given to the sternsmen i.e. Wight Kings only wear crowns now
  15. Dire Wolves - dirtier, lightened bones and made guts a bit more red. added a new semi-decomposed sylvanian wolf made from the goblin wolf steed model.
  16. *Cairn Wraiths - *shader is buggy* (...but worth it). made their cloaks black. No glowing bones though, this is not the same as how they were in my mod Tattered Ethereals.
  17. Fell Bats - darker, less shiny
  18. Necromancer (the agent not the lord) - skin paler and more purple

Database Changes
+ Colour variety for Zombies, Skeleton Warriors, Dire Wolves
! Vampire Count faction colour made dark grey

The reskins in my Tattered Ethereals mod require changing xml.material files. However, this now produces buggy results since the Woodelves patch. I don't know why the problem exists. Maybe the effects are now locked in with the animation files. I've already tried creating a movie-type mod like the eye glow mods at the bottom of this description with no success.

Update Wishlist
+ the stalker skele RoR
+ make some before-and-after pics for the mod page
! show some white on the teeth of the vargulf
! even more zombie variation
! make the reavers more unique rather than just mounted sternsmen. same for BKs
+ make the necromancers look more... unhinged. "[...]When men take to the path of necromancy, madness is just as much an inevitability as death itself."

Thank you to...
• daniu for creating the Pack File Manager[].
• DiegoDelaVega for creating a converter for the new dds texture format link[]
• kelstr and his brother-in-law for making and providing a Photoshop plugin for the new dds format link[]

Movie-type Mods
These are download links (Google Drive) for movie-type mod files which make changes to vfx files. Because they're movie-type they're unrecognisable to the TW mod manager and therefore can't be uploaded to Steam Workshop. Instead you'll need to download the mod file from the link then move it to your game data folder ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\data

Undead Eye Glow FX
Unchanged (Cyan) Colour & Further View Distance
Red & Further View Distance
Green & Further View Distance
Glow Removal

Stink Cloud Removal - removes the cartoonish green clouds surrounding zombies and goblins etc.
No Stink Clouds
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What are you planning to do for the compatibility patch? :)
Ali-TP  [author] Apr 22 @ 4:56am 
Yeah on second thought I'll make a separate mod for dryrain comparability.
I absolutely don't think this mod should be changed to work with dryrain's mod, as much as I love both.

But maybe it would be cool if both could work together on future stuff if they want. I am trying to find a way to make dryrain's vampire reskin to only apply to the vampire counts faction while ali's only applies to the von carstein faction, but I have no idea how to do that. But this would be a fantastic way to have both :)
NoSkill Apr 21 @ 2:17pm 
Still compatible?
SillyWilly Apr 21 @ 7:25am 
Actually Ali, would you be able to simply copy this mod and make that one compatible with dryrain's? that way this one stays the same
LuckySpade Apr 21 @ 7:12am 
To be honest I wouldn't bother altering this mod as I think it is geniunely better than DryRain's, althoguh his mod is excellent as well.

I actually use this mod along with the skeletons and grave guard from Rusty Reskin ( and I haven't yet found a better combination.

My only criticism is that I think the new Sternsman and Reaver helmets are a bit crap, I prefered it when they just have the wight king one. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Tattered Ethereals was the best looking mod ever and everyday I mourn it's passing.
Dude I LOVE what you did till now. Your new graveguards and skeleton warriors are top notch! Now I don't have to use 3 other mods to change their looks :D

Ali-TP  [author] Apr 21 @ 1:08am 
Ah awesome just seen it! I'm away for a week so I can't update this until next Sunday though. 💀
SillyWilly Apr 20 @ 8:28pm 
Dryrain made the VC reskin. Really hoping you two are able to make things compatible. That would be amazing! :)