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Parallel Universe DX42, Orders Report 14586 :
We have discovered a strange flying ships in the plains around Aperture Testing Center. One of them is stealing the Franken Cubes of our farm! And the other seems to be the amiral spaceship...
You, test subject, have been chosen to infiltrate the flying saucer, break his protections and bring to us some samples of its technology. After that if you could find a way to enter the main ship, we will give you more instructions.

Type : Logical/Landscape
Difficulty : Medium

Note : This map took me so many time to compile because after bypassing the item limit, I was stuck because of the "brush model" limit -_- So all I could do to fix that was to remove almost all the decorations on the ships... Really sorry about that ^^"

Tags :
geneosis, alien, stranger, extraterrestrian, sneak, search, explore

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