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rFactor 2

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BMW 320 Turbo GTO v1.3.2.50
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Mar 3 @ 7:15am
Mar 18 @ 10:13am
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BMW 320 Turbo GTO v1.3.2.50

BMW 320 Turbo GTO for rFactor 2.

Changelog v1.3.2.50:

- missing files added (wrong files in v.
- Steering system updated
- scratched windscreen removed

To do: new suspension

Full changelog: h**p://www.mediafire.com/file/ss78met8tsj3ry0/bmw320gto_readme.txt
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alejandro.felgueroso Apr 20 @ 11:09am 
A real race car, it feels light and full of power. Thank you!
JustinBrisetou Apr 7 @ 10:04am 
JuergenBY  [author] Mar 22 @ 9:32am 
New suspension is coming with the next update.
Alex72 Mar 18 @ 9:40pm 
Only thing i noticed is i get less performance with this car as it doesnt have cockpit quality that can be lowered. But that is the modelers problem i think. Celica is really good in the FPS departement. :) But its fun and nice to race against with the Celica. Well done.
JuergenBY  [author] Mar 17 @ 8:16am 
@The_Duke_ZA: pm me on fb please...
The_Duke_ZA Mar 17 @ 1:46am 
JuergenBY - great high quality mod, together with the Celica! Thank you!

Love the difference between the cars, nice to see that for a change instead of very evenly matched GT3 cars. Some tracks you win, some tracks you lose.

One suggestion (as suggested before), could we have an option for a clearer windscreen?
I know there is an option in the Tuning menu, but it's still a bit too dirty, it gets tiring to drive like that after a while.
JuergenBY  [author] Mar 16 @ 3:32pm 
little hint...you may need another tire compunds as the default, to catch up the celica ;-)
leoanimi Mar 11 @ 11:52am 
JuergenBY, fantastic work!

Loads, LOADS, L-O-A-D-S of fun. The AI is well behaved, the car responds to tuning as it should, no two laps are the same (in my command...). Thank you.

This mod + Celica = HELL YEAH!
bluesurf123 Mar 10 @ 8:22am 
f ing brilliant car well done,any chance u could do zakspeed capri ,same era ,as bmw s ar for people with little willies.thanks
Alex72 Mar 7 @ 3:17pm 
Sweet that turbo whining reduced. Engine was almost not heard due to that in the original car. :) Thanks a lot Juergen for this.