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Ariadne's Ocean - Episode One V1.02
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Feb 28 @ 1:57pm
Apr 10 @ 3:29pm
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Ariadne's Ocean - Episode One V1.02

After going for a brain scan you awaken in a dark mockery of the hospital you were in. Not having any other option, you advance through the twisted reality you awoke in, hoping to find some answers about your current existence.

There is a secret hidden in each level, there's a prize if you find out all three of them. If you do find it let me know.

ModDB Link:

LEVEL LOADING might take some time. If your operating system thinks the GAME CRASHES during loading, it mostly likely isn't crashed. Just WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD and for the game to generate the necesarry map cache files. Sorry for annoying all caps, but this is important.
Known bugs: one particular 3d mesh might not show up at the start of the 2nd map. The cause is currently unknown, since the mesh comes with the main game and is not a custom mesh. This is fixed as of version 1.01

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Version 1.01
Added map cache file for map2 to fix missing models bug.
Small changes for map1.

Version 1.02
No game changes, changed thumbnail and added more steam workshop preview pictures.

Want me to get better at making mods? Record you playthoughs/thoughs on the mod and post them online, It's very likely that I'll be watching them.
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~ZW~ Raza UK May 22 @ 7:58pm 
wow just over 20 mins to complete! was expecting longer dude lol good little mod but way to short man. ps foxtrek this mod is for people who have completed main game and not someone new to game!! this mod makes you use ur brain wich is good! , you want everything gift wrapped? lol
Foxtrek_64 May 19 @ 11:37pm 
I'm going to leave a 3/5 rating for this mod. In short, this game needs a dire improvement on its level design. Currently, the level design does not clearly identify the objective or give any way for the player to figure out what they're supposed to be doing except through blind luck. I feel that these issues can be fixed though, and for that reason, I plan to change my rating when the mod improves.

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but if you can do the following, you will have a good puzzle:

1. Clearly identify the problem ("I'm stuck in this room")
2. Clearly identify the objective ("I need to turn on the power open the door")
3. Reward the player for learning ("If I look in drawers and behind curtains, I may find objects I need.")
4. A good puzzle is elegant but minimal ("To turn on the power, I need to do X")
5. The player feels better for solving the puzzle if they feel they had to apply what they learned in an unusual or unexpected manner.
~ZW~ Raza UK May 11 @ 3:13pm 
lol thanx i forgot bout starting selection box when you press play hehe
Draugemalf  [author] May 11 @ 2:30pm 
@~ZW~ Raza You subscribe to the mod, launch soma via the steam library and select play mod. Then you select the mod you want to play form the list of mods you're subscribed to.
~ZW~ Raza UK May 10 @ 6:53pm 
how do you play these mods on soma? i dont see any mod selections
Sarah Flower Apr 28 @ 6:56pm 
This made me very sad, started crying at the end. Very deep story, love it.
Dabby Mc Dabberson Apr 26 @ 12:52am 
@=The Gaming Engine= (Whiskers) Walkthu:
I got stuck at the starting hallway, were do I go next?
Cornisgud Apr 18 @ 1:17am 
Randomly just fell through the floor while exploring. Hit a bottom pretty quick and there's a lever. Pulling it placed me back in the starting room without resetting my progress. 10/10
MisterSleepy Mar 19 @ 9:05am 
Very Good CS, but maybe indicate more the placement of the keys that Simon's body carry It took me 15 long minutes to find it, you should place a tiny light or something..
In the end, it was a blast playing this, hyped for the next episode ! :D