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Extinction: Ariadne's Ocean - Episode One V1.04
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Feb 28 @ 1:57pm
Jul 20 @ 6:52am
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Extinction: Ariadne's Ocean - Episode One V1.04

After going for a brain scan you awaken in a dark mockery of the hospital you were in. Not having any other option, you advance through the twisted reality you awoke in, hoping to find some answers about your current existence.

There is a secret hidden in each level, there's a prize if you find out all three of them. If you do find it let me know.

ModDB Link:

LEVEL LOADING might take some time. If your operating system thinks the GAME CRASHES during loading, it mostly likely isn't crashed. Just WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD and for the game to generate the necesarry map cache files. Sorry for annoying all caps, but this is important.
Known bugs: one particular 3d mesh might not show up at the start of the 2nd map. The cause is currently unknown, since the mesh comes with the main game and is not a custom mesh. This is fixed as of version 1.01

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Version 1.01
Added map cache file for map2 to fix missing models bug.
Small changes for map1.

Version 1.02
No game changes, changed thumbnail and added more steam workshop preview pictures.

Version 1.03

Slightly altered object placement in the first room.
Added subtle hints to the array puzzle in the hallway.
Slightly altered the cable puzzle outside the 3rd room.
Made the key pointlight brighter in the 4th room.
One secret is highlighted.

Upper area can be accessed before talking to the Adjutant but puzzle will not be available until you talk t him.
Getting to the upper area no longer requires 2 crates.
Placed an object in the upper area so that the players can see it more easily.
Barred out the walkway to that player won’t try and fail to access it from the Adjutant Room.
Added a “Map” before the area that has enemies.
Added more pathnodes to prevent enemies from getting stuck in one doorway.
One secret is highlighted.

Version 1.04
Fixed a bug related to terminal resolution.
Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck between a server and a wall.

Want me to get better at making mods? Record you playthoughs/thoughs on the mod and post them online, It's very likely that I'll be watching them.
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Burnout6010 Sep 25 @ 1:09pm 
Absolutely brilliant custom story, hope to see more in the same universe!
sunlote Aug 31 @ 6:30am 
I killed everyone and I feel bad about it.
A.M Team Aug 19 @ 5:45pm 
Look up the walkthrough on Youtube then. -_-
Bitch-In-The-Blue Aug 19 @ 4:15pm 
Can't even get the door open in the first room.
A.M Team Aug 12 @ 4:33pm 
Yes, there are enemies in the mod but not scripted chase scenes. All chases are caused by the player.
TheGamingProodator Aug 12 @ 10:46am 
Is there any enemies in this mod, or scripted chase scenes?
Blood_Skull_Boi84 Jul 14 @ 3:23pm 
This person is probably the best SOMA modder on the entire workshop.
Jtravel Jul 10 @ 11:18am 
@Draugemaif all is well, I deleated the Mod amd re-insatlled and the issue did not repeat.
Draugemalf  [author] Jul 9 @ 2:11pm 
@jkhilburger can you send me the hpl log file from My Documents/My Games/Soma/Mods ? That could help me deterime what causes the bug.
Jtravel Jun 28 @ 3:05pm 
Soma.exe crashes right after the opening cut scene.
happened three times I tried to play.