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NOLA Motorsports Park 2016
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NOLA Motorsports Park 2016

NOLA Motorsports Park has five uniquely challenging road course layouts, each with it's own particular twist and sometimes subtle, sometimes important differences. What all layouts do have in common are the last series of turns. In these last three turns you need to be extremely conscious of your brake and throttle inputs as you try and ease in. Self control on throttle and smooth light braking are key to finding an ideal entry line into the very crucial last turn. This last right hand turn, just before the main straight, requires repetition and patience to nail it - just when you think you can go full throttle, its deceptive camber changes on exit it will catch you off guard if you get overconfident too soon!

NOLA Motorsports Park also boasts five fun and exciting karting layouts! Each layout is a technical, fast paced track in it's own right that demands patience and perseverance to master. Once you do find that groove, the satisfaction comes when you bounce off curbs just right to for turn in, control drifts through high speed sectors, and delicately balance weight transfers to keep up that momentum!
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and how can i couple my account
how can i download it i have rfactor 2 on the site gedownload how can i put this file in my rfactor 2 acc
Rudder FPV Mar 14 @ 7:51am 
rFactor 2 Helmet Cam[FPV] AC 427SC 1967 @NOLA Motorsports Park 2016 Layout B Race AI 93%


Nice Track!
cristianuk Mar 7 @ 4:08pm 
thepawg what graphic card do you have ?
Obsolete Format Mar 4 @ 4:06am 
i had to uninstall game and then clear everything rf2 related off my ssd not just the game off steam....:(
iax Mar 4 @ 3:16am 
I did fresh install too, still i had connection losts and joining to the race takes ~5 minutes.
Obsolete Format Mar 3 @ 1:14pm 
had to do freash install
thepawg Mar 3 @ 11:22am 
Many stutters at this track. With few cars . not many problems at all other tracks.
tibbs Mar 2 @ 10:37am 
fun track
Obsolete Format Mar 1 @ 3:36pm 
am i the only one getting gfx problems?