"Caretaker Concept art

First of all i would like to thank the Devs for highlighting my other concept for the caretakers (I accedently called the peacekeepers)
it made me incredibly happy and have encoureged to make more THANK YOU.

I simply love the idea behind the Caretakers. not only becouse they are freaking awesome! but also becouse they could be a commen anemy people can help each other to defeat

If you would like to know more about the caretakers then I would recomend you to watch this guy SHADOWFRAX He is a really awesome dude, that not only has a voice as smooth as the cream on your bagel, he also make these fantastic videos about "forgotten concepts" that might come in future Updates. or maybe not. who knows. If you can see past his special... but lovable sense of humor and abstinenses for pie, it think you'll find his videos wurth watching

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myrtille is BACK ! Mar 7 @ 7:47am 
i would love to see your Caretaker in Game !!
X-SEIDE-T  [author] Mar 6 @ 5:23pm 
its not worse then the chopper tho
Xenide Mar 6 @ 3:50pm 
nice idea, just to OP
BlackCamel Mar 3 @ 11:07pm 
Ummmm, I'm thinking 7000 High qual, 35000 metal frags, 50 tech trash, 25 gears, 5 laptops,3 Cameras, And 400 exposive bullets, and 5 rockets..
The Prophet Mar 3 @ 11:33am 
Jack that would not work lol
JackMango ๑ﭥ Mar 3 @ 3:59am 
Like the idea, don't like the spider bot. If you sneak up behind it you should be able to hack it with a device (will cost tech trash and targeting computers). They should also not be able to follow you so far to your base, and if it stays like that, there should be some sort of EMP shield to put in your base so these fuckers don't destroy it lmao. I would love to see these care takers in rust one day....
X-SEIDE-T  [author] Mar 1 @ 2:22am 
I Think its pretty cool XD ! I would love to try making a model of my version

Just need to figure out blender
X-SEIDE-T  [author] Feb 28 @ 5:17am 
Hmmm makes me think the "care takers" might care for the less geared players
like if you only had a bow and no armer
they would't hurt you. they would be sent to "take care" of highly ranked players and groups to keep the it easyer for small people to progress
Anzu Feb 28 @ 5:16am 
I will say this tho, if something like this was constantly roaming the map rather than being a timed event (which it would end up being) it would change the way players roamed around as they would constantly have to have things on them like higher tier weapons to take this thing down, it could be an intresting mechanic in the game as early game would become even harder to gear up as this threat constantly roamed the map