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The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Star Stable Online
Feb 28 @ 1:36am
Mar 16 @ 9:27am
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Star Stables Goes Green!
It's over 1,000! :)
Star Stable Online opened its doors in late 2011, and today it has more than 8 million registered users. Now is the perfect time to broaden our horizons by reaching an even larger audience through Steam and utilize the community aspects it offers!

Star Stable is free to try until your character reaches level 5, and although you can still access some parts of the world in the game without cost, the premium membership (Star Rider) allows you to travel further into the magical world of Jorvik and solve thousands of additional quests with your friends.

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Star Stable Online is an amazing virtual horse game where you explore the beautiful island of Jorvik on the back of your horse. Together with thousands of other players you will experience great adventures, compete in races, care for your horses in your own home stable, and solve the mysteries of a spectacular original story!


Begin your Star Stable adventure by choosing your very own horse! As you grow into a more experienced rider, special breeds become available. There are currently almost 30 breeds to choose from, with new breeds and color variations being added on a regular basis. You can have as many horses as you like!


Jorvik is an island full of mystery and adventure. Meet fascinating characters all over the island and become a part of the amazing story!


Meet up your friends in the game and go for the rides together in a huge online world! In Star Stable Online you can join Riding Clubs, take part in riding competitions, or just share adventure stories with your friends in a cozy cafe.


Star Stable Online is full of talented riders, and you too can show your skills by competing in loads of exciting races and competitions! Practice on your own in single-player time trials or compete in big open championships with everyone. May the best rider win!


According to ancient legend, the island of Jorvik was once nothing more than a desolate rock in the cold, dark sea until – one magical and stormy night – a star fell from the sky.

As the star struck down, its embers glowed against the dark night when suddenly, a girl on horseback sprang forth from the fading flames. She rode gracefully across the surface of the stormy water, leaving calm and stillness in her wake.

In her right hand, she carried a light and in her left, a golden harp. The girl and her horse reached Jorvik’s bleak and lifeless shores, and she cast down her light in the very centre of the island. Immediately, waves of life began to surge across the island, and all that was once cold and dark was brought to life with warmth and light. A beautiful sound rang out from the Harp of Aideen, and was filled with such clear and true joy that everything became vibrant and new again.

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Mar 23 @ 7:22pm
Some things to think about if Star Stable is added
Apr 1 @ 6:42am
May 16 @ 2:09pm
If added, will SSO be changing their mislabeling as being a "Free" game?
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Sauldre May 21 @ 10:40pm 
Can't wait for to to be launched. I made my 1st account right after the 1st birthday celebration.
May 18 @ 2:24am 
Happy for that the game is going to be on steam :D
GhostCat May 13 @ 11:30am 
EEEEKK I cant wait until SSO is out on team
♛Qyxza Apr 16 @ 11:05am 
I SORT OF like the game, I like the story behind it, I like the personalities from the avatars in the game, but I sort of hate the queasts (cuz they are fucking boring) and sorry to say this but I'm sort of a grafic whore. The grafic.. It's like watching one of these kid movies on Disney Channel from 2005. I mean come on, the horses doesn't even realistic. The avatars look like the old toys called Bratz and the nature grafics (etc. the sky, the gras, the houses) is ... terrible. The complete game is bugged. Bug fixes? Haven't seen any good one yet. No hate doe, I'm just being honest. But, please work on the grafics. But on the other side, people seems
to like it. But I have seen better games that deserves a place in steam.. Good luck in the future doe! It will probably end up like Primal Carnage.. lol.
P3rrJ Apr 16 @ 3:04am 
see you next friday Apr 14 @ 2:06am 
of course it starts at 0 hours like everything else does
Yes! I will finally see how many hours I've spent on this game after 5 years of playing. Very excited and happy to see Star Stable on Steam. This game has the best community, and a great storyline to it. Best of luck to the Star Stable team in the development and Thankyou for making this happen! - Nikki Wolfforest
Junicorn Apr 1 @ 6:32am 
I would like to see how many hours I've played of 3 years of playing, will we be able to see that or will it start at 0 hours? That would suck...
DreamWeaver Mar 31 @ 2:09pm 
ive been playing for 4 years this year and have always wondered, how many hours have i played? Ive been in the steam community for a good bit and have been able to see the hours of my other games but the game i love and devote my time to the most.. is sso and it is going to be awesome to see how long i play starting the day it releases :D xD ~Viktoria Duskvalley :')
rreagler Mar 31 @ 10:13am 
SSO is the best horse game I have EVER played! Good story line, weekly updates, never gets to boring, you can have a club, meet new friends, buy hundreads of horses, magic, evil forces, and to many more things to count! If you don't get Star Rider SSO realses Redeem codes that you can redeem for Star Coins (SC is used for buying horses and clothes) and Star Rider! You can buy a lifetime Star Rider account and never have to pay again! :D My favorite part about this game is the friends you find and the magic soulrider quests! You can reduce lag by looking around your options! :D I suggested this game to anyone who wants some friends, magic, adventure, and loves horses! Did I mention that you can own a puppy, kitten, baby seal, frog, and pigs and put them in a saddle bag? :D