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Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.2
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Feb 23 @ 3:29pm
Jun 27 @ 8:58am
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Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.2

*** All items and features in this mod are additional. The mod should work with every new version of Ark and stack with other mods. Doesn't require a clean save file. ***

This is a simple mod that adds a *Dino Pick Up* item into the game. You can learn the engram at level 10.

*Dino Pick Up* is an item which lets you pick up pretty much any dino (except Titanosaur). With this you can easily pick up your favorite dino on your shoulder and go exploring by foot for a change or ride with another creature while still carrying the other dino on your shoulder. Why limit yourself with useless Jerboas and Monkeys when you might as well take a Rex or a Raptor as your "parrot".

How to use: Simply craft the *Dino Pick Up* and remote use it in your creature's inventory. Then select "Pick Up" from the dino's radial menu.

To throw the dino off from your shoulder you must double tap the "F" key or the "Reload" key (default "R") if you are riding another dino.

Known Issues: Giganotosaurus and Rock elemental constantly move and "shake" the camera when on shoulder. Also picking up dinos with platform saddles is not advisable as the structures on them usually block your character and prevent you from doing anything (or can cause other collision bugs).

Admin cheat ID:

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoPickUpMod/DinoPickUp/DG8_PrimalItemRelic_DinoPickUp.DG8_PrimalItemRelic_DinoPickUp" 1 0 false

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Mod ID:870709781

If you like my mods, please consider buying me a cup of coffee <3

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(Do you craft it)? Also if you do craft it what do you need to craft it?
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@Jaketin water mounts will not Die when out of water while you have them on your shoulder. But do not throw them off your shoulder or they will Die, make sure your in water before throwing them off.
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finnaly i found the mod!!
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love the mod man, so last night I was playing and everything worked just fine. this morning I start ark up and suddenly I can not pickup any dinos. can yeah help? I also discovered an interesting bug, if you are running with a dino (in my case a terror bird) on your shoulder and are grabed by a croc, then the guy that was on your shoulder will still be tiny. after wards. was actually really cool as I was a 6 inch engine of death XD
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