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Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters
Genre: Action, Sports, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Mar 7 @ 6:42am
Mar 29 @ 6:06pm
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New version of Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters out now
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters release schedule
Release date: Spring / Summer 2017
Brawl in a drunken ragdoll rampage both online & offline! Prove your late-night fighting skills by mastering physics defying drunk-fu techniques. Beat AI controlled bullies or challenge your friends to see who will be the last one drinking.

Download the demo from: here[]

Features in the demo now:
* Drunken kung-fu madness for up to 8 players locally - No online play due to server limitations just yet!
* Three game modes: Free, Last Man Standing & Swarm
* Three levels to crawl in: Irish pub, Kuja, Tikibar & test chamber
* Pick up weapons & smack the living snot out of your enemies
* Customizable outfits to show the world your impeccable taste

Features in the final build shipping later this spring
* Online gameplay
* Bunch of game modes: Capture the Barrel, King of the Jukebox, Slap the Swede etc...
* A ton of sweet levels
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Mar 7 @ 7:49am
Russian language
NK indie Studio.Inc
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Codex_Ks Mar 27 @ 7:01pm 
this game is so funny I LOVE YOU CREATOR
Teddy Mar 26 @ 3:42pm 
this game is so funny love playing it on my youtube channe;l
bobthebannana Mar 22 @ 3:45pm 
Hi I got this game on gamejolt (where you can get the early acsess game for free) and I really enjoyed it. But the punch move is WAY to OP. You should probably change that. :)
Rusto Games  [author] Mar 22 @ 1:14am 
@Enpfhorcer The full version with online gameplay and all the features will be paid (we are not yet set on a price, but it'll be cheaper during Early Access!). We'll also release a offline-version free of charge with some of the content cut.
Enpfhorcer Mar 21 @ 3:05pm 
Will this game be free, or will it only be worth the green that I ever so helplessly lack?

P.S. I'm not trying to guilt trip you with this comment, literally just wondering.
Salty Saltine Cracker Mar 20 @ 3:18pm 
Catholic Mario Mar 20 @ 1:04pm 
[USCF]Cap'n Smith Mar 20 @ 10:01am 
Thank you for telling me this! I am very excited to play this when it's released!
Rusto Games  [author] Mar 20 @ 12:03am 
@Enpfhorcer: Probably at some point, but it's something we'll probably do once all the main features are locked so we don't have to constantly reiterate the tutorial when something changes.

@[USCF]Cap'n Smith: I believe they should work but it's possible that we broke it at some point (we just moved & haven't found the PS4 pads yet so I cannot test it...). We'll get it fixed to the next patch!
[USCF]Cap'n Smith Mar 19 @ 10:19pm 
Hello. This is an actual request for something. Can you please make this game playable with PS4 controllers? So far, there is no PS4 controller support. Thank you.