Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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GoneMods - Great Boost
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Feb 22 @ 3:07pm
Mar 25 @ 9:23am
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GoneMods - Great Boost

Modifies monetary and experience rewards. It offers an improved sense of progress, where level up and earn money is a more enjoyable process.

Modifica las recompensas monetarias y de experiencia. Ofrece una sensación de progreso mejorada, donde subir de nivel y ganar dinero es un proceso más ameno.

Perfect delivery bonus: 1000
Urgent job bonus: 50%
Important, fragile, long distance and heavy cargo jobs bonus: 30%
Delivery experience: 10 every 1 km
Free roam experience: 5 every 1 km
Trailer normal parking: 50 points
Cargo damage penalty: 10 points

Bonus por entrega perfecta: 1000
Bonus por trabajo urgente: 50%
Bonus por trabajo importante, frágil, larga distancia y carga pesada: 30%
Experiencia por entrega: 10 cada 1 km
Experiencia por conducción libre: 5 cada 1 km
Estacionamiento normal del tráiler: 50
Penalización por daño de carga: 10 cada 1%

Abandoned job penalty: 5.000
Damaged cargo penalty: 10 every 1%
Fragile, heavy, long distance and urgent bonus: 15%
Bank loans: 50.000 to 500.000 with lower interest rates
Truck sell refunds: 75%
Trucks needed to buy online: 0
Fuel discount in garages: 50%
Garage costs: 50.000 small and 50.000 the upgrade
Fine costs: 50 to 100
Fixed revenue: 1.000
Revenue per km: 50

Penalización por trabajo abandonado: 5.000
Penalización por carga dañada: 10 cada 1%
Bonus por carga frágil, pesada, larga distancia y urgente: 15%
Préstamos bancarios: 50.000 a 500.000 con menores tasas de interés
Reembolso por venta de camiones: 75%
Camiones necesarios para comprar online: 0
Descuento de combustible en garajes: 50%
Costo de garajes: 50.000 pequeño y 50.000 la mejora
Costo de infracciones: 50 a 100
Ingresos fijos: 1.000
Ingresos por km: 50

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☮ Frost ☮ May 18 @ 2:30pm 
Thank You MrGone :D I Appreciate your work. Keep it up! :D
MrGone  [author] May 18 @ 11:31am 
Hi everyone, thanks for your comments, ill try to do a Version for ATS, but i cant promise it for now. Will be notified if that occurs. Thanks for the support!
♔The Mad Hatter♔ May 17 @ 6:40pm 
After you have lost an 80 hour save this mod is a godsend, so glad this is there, ty :D
☮ Frost ☮ May 17 @ 6:36pm 
Hello! This modification is amazing :) I was just wondering if an American Truck Simulator version could be made? That would be wonderful :D

Thank You!

1SlimShaney May 14 @ 11:08am 
This mod is great! Could an ATS version be made?
[GIGN]Girl-Gamer™ May 9 @ 9:15am 
Merci ! Thank you ! good for version
❖ Bee ❖ Apr 9 @ 3:58am 
PILODAGEN Feb 26 @ 9:55am 
Comme pour les autres MODS, je vais Tester, et Bravo pour le Travail accomplis .... Merci <3
__PETERBILT__ Feb 24 @ 3:06pm 
Thank You for this mod, it makes doing a long job well worth your time and effort.
Marcin Feb 23 @ 8:13am