Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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GoneMods - Great Boost
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GoneMods - Great Boost

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Euro Truck Simulator 2
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Modifies all rewards. It offers an improved sense of progress, where level up and earn money is a more enjoyable process.

Modifica las recompensas. Ofrece una sensación de progreso mejorada, donde subir de nivel y ganar dinero es un proceso más ameno.


Great Boost is simply an impulse for those who are just beginning to play and want to feel a more pleasant progress. If your intention is use this mod with a high level, keep in mind that because most of the values are defined in percentages, the experience may be affected by numbers higher than reasonable.

This mod is already tested and works correctly, if you have any problem, try disabling another similar that may be causing the conflict.

If you enjoy Great Boost, Please Rate It!

Great Boost es simplemente un impulso para aquellos que recién comienzan a jugar y quieren sentir un progreso más agradable. Si su intención es utilizar este mod con un nivel alto, tenga en cuenta que debido a que la mayoría de los valores están definidos en porcentajes, la experiencia puede verse afectada por números superiores a los razonables.

Este mod está testeado y funciona correctamente, si tiene algún problema, intente deshabilitar alguno similar que pueda estar causando el conflicto.

Si disfrutas de Great Boost, Por Favor Califícalo!


Modifications - Modificaciones

Jobs - Trabajos
Urgent Job Bonus: 50% Fragile, Important, Heavy and Long Distance Bonus: 30% ADR Bonus: 10% Perfect Delivery: 1000 Trailer Parking Bonus: 50 Cargo Damage XP Loss: 10 Every 1% Abandoned Job Fine: 5000 Cargo Damage Cost: 20 Late Delivery Max Overtime Urgent: 200 Late Delivery Max Overtime Normal: 1000 Late Delivery Max Overtime Easy: 3000 Hurry Up Music Time: 100 Simulation Average Speed: 60 Cargo Validity Min/Max: 200/2000 Distance Levels: 250 to 2000 Depending of Skill Urgent, Fragile, Heavy Loads and Long Distance Rewards: 20% in All Skills Fixed Revenue: 1000 Revenue Per Km: 50 Free Roam Experience: 5 Delivery Experience: 10 Road Discovery Experience: 1
Garage - Almacén
Fuel Discount in Garage: 50% Small Garage Price: 25000 Garage Upgrade Price: 50000 Garage Productivity Plan Tiny: 50000 Garage Productivity Plan Small: 150000 Garage Productivity Plan Large: 300000 Truck Refund: 75% Trucks for Online Buy: 0
Hired Drivers - Conductores Contratados
Skilled Job Probability: 80% Fuel Cost Empty: 1 every km Driver Level Cap: 50 Minimal Salary: 100 Max Cargo Damage: 5% Driver Quit Warn Time: 1 Driver XP Scale: 5 Driver Hire Cost: 500
Bank - Banco
Loans: 50000 to 500000 Interest Rates: 5% to 20% Loan Duration: 5 to 20 weeks Overdraft Duration: 10 days Overdraft Warn Day: 5
Fines and Penalties - Multas y Penalizaciones
Car Crash: 200 Avoiding Sleeping: 50 Wrong Way: 50 Speed Camera: 100 No Lights: 50 Red Light: 100 Speeding: 50 Offence Check Delays for Avoiding Sleeping: 100 Offence Check Delays for Wrong Way: 20 Offence Check Delays for No Lights: 100 Offence Check Delays for Speeding: 100 Offence Probability for Car Crash: 50 Offence Probability for Avoiding Sleeping: 20 Offence Probability for Wrong Way: 50 Offence Probability for Speed Camera: 50 Offence Probability for No Lights: 20 Offence Probability for Red Light: 20
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JudhaBenHur Nov 19 @ 10:26pm 
Show!! Muito bom.
ProGamer542 Nov 15 @ 12:07pm 
and i cant get it back somehow like i have it and activated but game says its missing

ProGamer542 Nov 15 @ 12:07pm 
if i removed that mod then my game wont load
esther.marye Nov 14 @ 12:00pm 
It's a good mod, but the amount paod is a litle to high, I'm getting 200.950 euro for a 18t transport from Groningen (nl) to Hungary
Shadowstag Aug 29 @ 9:08am 
This is a great mod, thank you. I have given thumbs up to this version and your ATS version. Both mods need more user thumbs up as this is a 5 star mod. :)
mrGone  [author] Aug 21 @ 1:56am 
Hola, si, funciona correctamente en ETS 2 1.28. Respecto a ProMods no he probado la compatibilidad. Saludos!
Hellendill Aug 20 @ 11:38pm 
Hola! Pueda ser que este mod pueda funcionar con ETS 2 1.28?
Has comprobado compatibilidad con Promods ?
Todavia no pude jugar con este mod.
Pero bueno, me gustaria. Perdona los accentos, solo tengo clavero frances.
mrGone  [author] Aug 10 @ 8:29pm 
Great Boost is now available for ATS!
Subscribe HERE!

Greetings and thanks for the support!
[Art_Of_War]JACK Aug 10 @ 6:42am 
I love this mods,but if u can ,try do on ATS 1.28 official,thank you
Traxadel Jul 28 @ 1:10am 
This boos is really good, maybe even too good.