Portal 2

Portal 2

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The 3 Chamber Mind-Bender

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The 3 Chamber Mind-Bender

Welcome test subject! Here at Aperture Science, we've realised that majority of the other test subjects have been slacking off, and because of that, we need you to finish these 3 chambers as quickly as possible. Got it?

Chamber One: The door to the next chamber is in the top right-hand corner of the map. Find a way to shut down the laser gate and a way to get through the doorway in order to continue. Beware of the jumping cubes! Use the water in order to clean off any cubes you need.

Chamber Two: You'll need to turn on both of the platforms and disable the laser wall in order to pass through this test. Use your gels wisely!

Chamber Three: You made it to our Turret Faith Realignment Centre! Take a leap of faith and ditch that old companion cube of yours so that you can embrace the new father of understanding, the Sentient Cloud, and finish all of this madness!