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Nowhere Prophet
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
Feb 24 @ 6:48am
Jul 21 @ 8:24am

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Combat System Prototype
Release date: Early 2018
Nowhere Prophet is a roguelike deck-building game set in a post-apocalyptic future.

Become the last hope to a band of outcastes and lead them across the randomly generated wastelands. Pick fights with greedy slavers and crazy machines using the turn-based card combat. But always spend your resources carefully. Will you support your convoy or improve your decks? And can you survive long enough to the mysterious Crypt?

These features make Nowhere Prophet stand out
  • A card-based combat system
  • Randomly generated trek and events
  • Build your deck as you travel the world
  • Unlock new content across multiple playthroughs
  • Stunning and confident art style
  • A fresh non-western post-apocalyptic world
  • Indian infused electronica soundtrack

A roguelike deck-building game
A single player card game. With random generated routes, a high difficulty and permadeath. How does that work? Let me explain: Nowhere Prophet has two distinct phases of gameplay. Travel and combat.

During travel you navigate across a procedurally generated map. Supply your convoy with the essentials and pick your route. On your journey you will encounter strange places and even stranger people. You will be thrust into situation that put the fate of your followers in your hands.

If you're lucky enough to gain some rewards, maybe for helping someone (or for robbing them), then you can spend them to improve your decks. Equip your characters to build their decks and grant them new cards and abilities in combat.

If your Convoy is involved in a fight, the game changes to the turn-based card game mode. Here you can pick your Operators - powerful fighters and mystics - and enter the fight. Play cards from each of your characters to overcome your enemies.

But be careful: If you're wounded you will have to find a place to heal. And if one of your Operators dies, they are lost forever.

A science-fiction post-apocalypse
Nowhere Prophet is set on a far off planet called Soma. It starts many years after the Crash, the complete technological collapse. Civilization has broken down and the lack of resources makes everyone turns either bandit or madman.

In this world inspired by Indian culture you lead a convoy of outcastes. These desperate men and woman following your vision of a better future. Under your guidance they travel with you through the wastelands. Your goal is the Crypt, a mystical place that promises untainted technology and safety.

If you can survive long enough to find it.

Who are we?
Hi, I'm Martin, the designer and developer of Nowhere Prophet. I've started the very first prototypes back in May 2014 and since then I've been hard at work.

However every prophet needs their convoy and so I too have the help of a few trusted friends. These artists support the narrative, visuals and audio of Nowhere Prophet. Together we're on a journey to bringing the world of Soma to life.

How did we get here?
Nowhere Prophet was inspired by card games and roguelikes. If you ask us these are two good tastes that go great together. Games like Magic: The Gathering, Dominion, FTL: Faster Than Light or Banner Saga are driving us.

The game is already in Alpha. That means that it is playable and almost all of our features are built. But: there's still some bugs and a lot of content is missing. So our focus for 2017 is to tweak and tune the gameplay and to add as much content as we can. That means anything from cards to events to artwork.

Then, if everything goes as planned, we'll be able to release the game in early 2018.

Join us on our journey
But we need your support to get there! Vote for us. Tell your friends. And most of all: Share your feedback and ideas with us! Join our caravan and let's reach our goal together.

If you want to learn more about Nowhere Prophet you can find and follow us here:
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Demozilla  [author] Jul 21 @ 8:57am 
And the Steam Store page is up! YESS!
Sharkbomb Studios  [author] Jul 13 @ 5:44am 
Thanks! Tha's really appreciated!
HunterX Jul 1 @ 2:23pm 
I played this game at Indigo and for the small amount of time i played, it felt really nice and good to play. really looking forward to buying it.
Demozilla  [author] Mar 19 @ 1:20am 
Hey NitroWeasel! Thanks for the posts! I made sure to retweet them :D
thecosmosgame Mar 17 @ 4:44pm 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit! This looks great!
NitroWeasel3k Mar 17 @ 10:23am 
I'm so glad this got Greenlit! I just saw it yesterday on reddit and fell in love with the style of it. A nice mix of Magic and games like Wastelands 2!

I did a little write up on how rad this game looks over on our site! If anyone is interested we would appreciate the views.

NerdLifeTX article []
Demozilla  [author] Mar 17 @ 3:34am 
And we made it! We're greenlit! Thanks everyone! We'll try to get our Steam page set up as soon as possible!
Sharkbomb Studios  [author] Mar 16 @ 10:13am 
Thanks for all the nice words folks! And for your time! And the votes! We're getting there!
biciman Mar 16 @ 9:51am 
No tiene mala pinta
Plxx Mar 16 @ 7:20am 
Damn. This is gonna be good