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Heavy Holy Armor
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Aug 1, 2012 @ 8:23am
Aug 6, 2012 @ 12:09pm
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Heavy Holy Armor

(Pictures represent the armor as it appears in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Heavy Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovakiin, male or female, who doesn't want to look dark and dreary any longer...who wants to shine with the light of the gods and bring their will to the less worthy of Skyrim.

Made using the ebony armor model and a re-colored texture (done by myself), the Heavy Holy Armor is a new craftable armor set found under the dragon section in blacksmithing (requires dragon smithing perk!) It is classified, as you could likely guess, as heavy armor and has the same exact stats as daedric armor. It is merely an aesthetic option and does nothing to unbalance the game.

It is, however, somewhat expensive to craft. Each piece of the set requires a piece of ebony armor of the same type and several items including dragon bones/scales, gold bars and diamonds. The set can also be tempered with silver bars.

This is a reclassification changing my Light Holy Armor mod into heavy class armor. Both mods can be active at the same time with no conflicts if you'd like to have either option. Made upon request by DUCKDUDE173. Please comment with any helpful tips or constructive criticism to help improve this armor set and my own skills.

HFH Avenger
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josheg96 Nov 23 @ 8:56am 
I don't know the difference between this and other mod engines.
HFH Avenger  [author] Nov 22 @ 4:32pm 
@josheg96 AH! Load order! I always forget about that one. I use L.O.O.T. aka The Load Order Optimisation Tool. Highly recommend. Man...can't believe I never suggested that...
josheg96 Nov 22 @ 12:08pm 
I'm not sure. I did what you said (disabled and deleted everything, then re-enabled), then waited and changed the order it loaded and boom!
HFH Avenger  [author] Nov 21 @ 3:09pm 
@josheg AWESOME! What did you do to fix your issue, for future cases?
josheg96 Nov 21 @ 10:10am 
I did get it working, turns out, it took the game longer to load it without the mod and then with the mod. It looks beautiful, all though I do have the odd gold-yellow colored one. It still looks really cool. Much better looking than Deadric.
HFH Avenger  [author] Nov 18 @ 8:35pm 
@josheg Not all of them, unfourtunately. Did you get it working by chance?
josheg96 Nov 18 @ 8:32pm 
NVIDIA is what I've noticed is the culprit
HFH Avenger  [author] Nov 18 @ 8:25pm 
@KhollD I would say not normal but also not unheard of. Several people have mentioned this over the years but the majority case is to get what you see in the screenshots above. Between the people that report the darker color I have not been able to find a common cause. Custom shaders? Odd drivers? Nvidia vs AMD? A mystery to be sure...
KhollD Nov 18 @ 11:33am 
Hi. I don't know if it has been already mentioned, but it's normal that the armor looks orange instead of gold/yellow? Great work though.
josheg96 Nov 13 @ 11:21am 
I just never use light armor. But thank you.