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Runic Rampage
Genre: Action, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
Feb 17 @ 12:36pm
Feb 28 @ 12:05pm
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Yesss we did it! RUNIC RAMPAGE is GREENLIT!
Release date: Spring 2017
Play as a raging dwarf and crush your enemies with brutal hammer strikes!
Runic Rampage features brutal combos, badass bosses, procedurally generated battlegrounds and an atmospheric soundtrack.

Legend says that once a rune stone protected the dwarfs, but it disappeared and war destroyed the mighty kingdom.

You play as Grimbard, last champion of the dwarfs. Your village is in great danger. But when you find a fragment of the rune stone you start your quest to uncover the truth about your nation’s downfall.

Survive the desert, enter dark and mysterious woods, descend to the deepest caves and climb the top of the Frozen Fortress. Master your skills in combat, study powerfull spells, and arm yourself with legendary gear. You are about to change your kingdom's destiny!

  • Lots of blood and gore
  • Feel the RAMPAGE when crushing your opponents!
  • Simple and satisfying combo system!
  • Unleash devastating magic attacks!
  • Badass armor sets and powerfull weapons!
  • Enemies hurt you but also each other.. utilize it in battle!
  • Adaptive game music, original soundtrack!
  • 4 unique boss fights!
  • Hand-crafted models and textures, 8 different settings!

About Electrocosmos
Hi, I'm Alex, the developer and artist behind Runic Rampage. Runic Rampage is my loveletter to my favourite games: I tried to capture the rough brawling of Golden Axe, the simple but challenging combat in Gauntlet and the look of Warcraft 3.

I began working on the game in 2012. There were other people who contributed to the project too (code, story illustration and music), but I created most of what you see myself. I am proud to show it now - 5 years later - to you and I depend on your support to bring Runic Rampage to Steam. If you like the game, please leave a vote and tell a friend who might like it too!

Thank you very much for your consideration!



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So nice!
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Runic Rampage is GREENLIT! :D
Thank you for your comments and your support!
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Excellent game!
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blood blood blood, 因吹思婷~!
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