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Guilli's Planet Modifiers
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Guilli's Planet Modifiers


Guilli's Planet Modifiers
For version 1.8+ of the game.
Compatible with all DLC.
DLCs not required.
Compatible with virtually all mods.

What does this mod do?
This mod adds 180+ new planet modifiers as well as increase the maximum planet modifier amount to 4. Adds new tile blockers and new armies. Tons of mini events around the modifiers. It also makes planet modifiers a bit stronger so planets become a true strategic choice to have! Furthermore, terraforming planets will remove bad modifiers and has a chance to give a good modifier or two!. It also adds planet modifiers to Barren worlds, Frozen worlds, Molten worlds, Toxic worlds and Gas Giants so terraforming mods can make full use out of these planets! Some modifiers will spawn tile blockers unique to those modifiers and some of them might require a tech to get rid of them. And so much more, see list below!

In Short:
  • 180+ new Planet modifiers with unique icons.
  • 16 new planet tile blockers that show up with some of the new modifiers. Some techs to remove the tile blockers.
  • 3 new armies based on modifiers. Can only be built on planets with those modifiers.
  • 5 new exploration events. Surveying celestial object has a chance of discovering a modifier + resources.
  • 33 new "discovery!" events. Small event telling you discovered something interesting!
  • 40+ new colony events. There's a chance of a special event when owning a planet with a new planet modifier.
  • Planet modifiers appear more frequently and in larger numbers.
  • Up to 3 (rarely 4+) planet modifiers per planet.
  • Planet modifiers can be strong and provide a strategic choice when it comes to planets.
  • Secret and rare precursor planet modifiers.
  • 3 New planet modifier borders! (grey, blue, purple)
  • Planet modifiers also appear on Barren, Frozen, Toxic and Molten worlds and Gas Giants. As well as asteroids, suns, and other celestial bodies.
  • Terraforming cleans up planet modifiers and has a chance to roll new good ones (see below for details)
  • Ringworlds and Habitats have a chance to roll a unique modifier to indicate how well construction has gone. There are also unique ringworld and habitat modifiers to make them feel alive and unique.
  • Unique modifiers for Ringworlds, Habitats, Fallen Empire Worlds.
  • Tomb worlds hold ancient secrets. Precursor modifiers can be found more frequently here.
  • New planet interactions with the crisis events. Bombarding infested worlds or worlds bombarded by the unbidden can turn into molten/frozen/barren/nuked worlds. Each can then roll new planet modifiers fitting them.

Wondrous Planets Update (new with 1.8)
How it works:
At the start of the game, one planet of each planet type will be chosen as a wondrous planet. This planet will have a unique tile blocker on it that provides very large adjacency bonuses as well as a planet 20% happiness bonus! Once you have surveyed and discovered a planet like this (or the AI has), the planet name will change to a blue colour and it will have a unique icon in front of it making it stand out in the vastness of space. You want to fight for these planets, especially early game.

Discovery! Events
How it works:
When your science ships survey a planet and discover a special modifier on that planet an event will pop up telling you about it. This only happens the first time you discover this modifier. Some of these "discovery" events will reward you with a bonus to something, others can reward you with resources.
All discovery events have unique images.
It is possible to get multiple discovery events from the same planet but that should be fairly rare. You'll just get more event windows to read and click trough.

Colony Events
How it works:
Over 40 mini colony events have been added that can trigger after you have colonised a world with my modifiers. These events have a decent chance of showing up but it can happen that it takes a long time or not happen at all. Replayability is key here :). There are plans for a lot more mini colony events as well as event chains. If you have an idea for a cool event revolving around the planet modifiers let me know!

Valuable World Modifier
How it works:
Some dead worlds (barren, frozen, etc) that have specific modifiers will also have a 'valuable world' modifier. This modifier allows terraforming of this world with the right technologies.

Terraforming Interaction
How it works:
When you terraform a planet the following will happen:
  • Most bad negative modifiers will be removed (where it makes sense)
  • Precursor modifiers will NOT be removed
  • Planet wonders will be removed.
  • The newly terraformed planet will always gain a flavour or good modifier if it has less than 4 modifiers.
  • The newly terraformed planet has an extra chance to roll new flavour or good modifiers (up to a maximum of 3 in total).
  • Turning a planet into a Machine World will remove most modifiers and roll unique machine world modifiers.
It didn't make sense when terraforming a world with a bad surface that it would still have that bad surface. So now terraforming doesn't just fix that, it has a chance to make your planet even better!

Crisis Interaction
How it works:
Crisis that purge or change planets will remove and/or roll new modifiers
  • Prethoryn Swarm: Planets that get infested have most biological modifiers removed and roll some fitting modifiers
  • Prethoryn Swarm: Cleansing infested worlds now turn the world into either a barren, molten, frozen or nuked world. Modifiers are wiped and some fitting ones can be rolled.
  • Unbidden: When the unbidden bombard a planet it now turns the world into either a barren, molten, frozen or nuked world. Modifiers are wiped and some fitting ones can be rolled.

How this mod works, compatibility and modder information can be found in the discussion thread here:

Does not work with achievements due to new files.

I feel overwhelmed! There's too many modifiers!
This might help:
Green/Blue/Purple/Orange Border modifiers = Only good bonuses
Yellow Border Modifiers = Both good and bad bonuses.
Red Border Modifiers = Only bad bonuses
Grey border = Story text, no bonuses.

Want to help?
I want to expand this mod with more planet modifiers. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or the suggestion post! Thank you very much!
Also looking for ideas for events and event chains.
Also looking for translations!

Please rate and let me know what you think, Enjoy

Do you like the mod and wish you could do something to help in some way?
If you really like my mod and wish to support me, feel free to drop something. It would help a lot! Thank you very much!

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KorruptkSwades Feb 19 @ 3:54am 
Nope, and I am the one at war with em. it just happened when my army invaded a planet. i only took control of 3 planets and the warscore was 23%, my wargoals wasn't going to wipe him out either.
H11DN-D4NG3R Feb 19 @ 3:33am 
Do you have fanatic purifiers in your game? Or atleast things that have "purge planet" ability.
KorruptkSwades Feb 19 @ 3:14am 
@Gullliman ; hmm i have a small problem in my game.... these two screenshots might be all ya need. this is the second time it happens in my current playthrough. the first time i didnt pay much attention because it was very small... lets say this time ive really noticed it.

screenie 1
screenie 2
Guilliman  [author] Feb 16 @ 11:52am 
Correct, it shouldnt cause any issues at all :)
davidb11 Feb 16 @ 11:49am 
This mod shouldn't conflict with Economic Overhaul at all.
Leri-Weill [FRA] Feb 16 @ 11:49am 
While we talk about compatibility, what about the Economic Overhaul mod ? I'm running both mods and don't seem to encounter any odities but do you think some thinks could go wrong ?
Guilliman  [author] Feb 15 @ 12:05pm 
it should be compatible yeah. The dev of those mods talks to me a lot :) we try to make things work behind the scenes as much as possible. He's a super cool dude. Let me know if weird stuff is happens and I can look into it. There should also be some extra hidden compatibility to make sure our mods work together after 2.0. (once my mod updates).
H11DN-D4NG3R Feb 15 @ 6:01am 
#luke Skywalker. From my experience it should work. Might cause strange stuff on other mods through.
Luke Skywalker Feb 15 @ 5:40am 
@Guilliman Is this mod fully compatible with ExOverhaul : Planets Enhanced ?
Toomadtoplay Feb 13 @ 10:03pm 
really impressed with this mod!