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Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Players: Single-player
Feb 14 @ 10:22pm

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Evo Moment #37 Parry recreated in FictionSphere! Come check out our Kickstarter~!
FictionSphere is a "Technical Platformer" with a story driven agenda. Its packed with some of your favorite mechanics from the Platforming, hack and slash, and fighting game genres.

We aim to have TWO compelling stories, as well as 2 different styles of gameplay. The protagonist Ratio will have more of a Platformer feel, while Paradox will take more of a Hack and slash route. Both play styles require precision, execution, and timing. This game will be a true testament of your gamer-like reflexes!

the game will feature these key mechanics
  • Platforming
  • Feature two of our playable characters
  • A fun little shooting gallery minigame
  • Mob fights
  • Technical Abilities (Defensive and offensive)
  • Our current variety of enemies

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tygras.kitten.kori 3 hours ago 
It looks amazing! It reminds me of Kingdom hearts and mega man and similar games! I want this! <3
gsman243 3 hours ago 
The fun high speed platforming of Mega Man Zero/ZX meets the fast and flashy combat of something like Kingdom Hearts? Heck yeah!
charliedeliberis 4 hours ago 
no offence to my megaman mighty no 9 comment mighty no 9 tryed to be a megaman game but the game wasnt that good
charliedeliberis 4 hours ago 
i would deffintly buy this game since theirs no megaman game from capcom anymore i hope this indie game will succed and make it on to steam and im a fan of the megaman games
charliedeliberis 4 hours ago 
this looks like a true megaman style game not like the game mighty no 9 on the consoles and pc
Señor Piraña 8 hours ago 
Go Team Einherjar!
Zabi 16 hours ago 
At the very least you're on the right track.
KOS-MOS 16 hours ago 
ah megama-esq :3 i like
artcle 17 hours ago 
I hope you guy´s have sucess, the game looks awesome.
Schuratz Feb 18 @ 5:01am 
The designs, mainly of Tesgong and Phoenix seens nice. But you have learnable abilites/powers from the bosses you defeat just like Megaman?