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Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 13 @ 6:48pm
Mar 17 @ 1:48pm
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Controls! Hit me.
Excited to bring DoC to Steam!
Release date: July 2017
DUNGEONS OF CHAOS is a 2D, turn-based, single player CRPG like you may have played it in the 80s.

I have tried to recreate the feeling I had as a kid when I played the Ultima games or the gold-box series like Pool of Radiance. I spent chipping away at this game over 2 decades, and am continuously refining it. I released an early version for iPads in December 2014, and a cross-platform version to iTunes and GooglePlay in June 2016. I approached mobile platforms first because the need for a good CRPG was greatest there: something you can pick up for a few minutes when you have the time, something without InAppPurchases, without internet required, without phone permissions, without ads. Just a good ol' RPG.

I don't target this, and I don't expect this, to be appealing to younger gamers. But people that played CRPGs in their youth in the 80s will hopefully feel like coming home. I have added a few modern elements (like auto combat) because even I can't deal with the monotonous aspects some games had back then. After all, we all have dayjobs and families now.

I have sold 18,000 copies so far, with a 4.8 star rating on both stores, but I have received continuous feedback that people would like to play it on PC (and Mac), and that they enjoy it even using Android emulators at present.

So this is the greenlight project to bring DUNGEONS OF CHAOS to the PC and OSX. Since I developed the game in Unity, it works already. However the user interface and controls need an overhaul which is what I will be doing over the next months. ETA for release is July 2017, as I will first be completing the expansion ("chapter 3") I successfully funded via Kickstarter a few months ago.

I hope you will enjoy playing this game as much as the fans to date. If you want to see what they have to say, look here:



“This truly is not only a throwback to Ultima 4 and 5 but with the added complexity of customization of characters and equipment. Really fantastic job with this one. This has me continuing playing and with no IAP it really feels genuine. Great job!” - SkydiverTilt

“If you love old school RPGs, from the 80's, you will love this game.” - Sbleger76

“One of the best new dungeon crawlers on the market! 40+ hours of play” - caracul



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Feb 14 @ 9:48pm
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wesleymsmith2000 Jun 19 @ 9:47am 
Can't wait to get this on PC. The phone version is fun, but my fingers are a bit clutzy when it comes to touch screens so the prospect of having keyboard and mouse control is awesome! Love this game so far, should be pretty amazing on PC too!
Tarnicus May 24 @ 8:25pm 
I'm really looking forward to this. Thank you very much for bringing it to Steam :)
agroszkiewicz Mar 16 @ 2:09pm 
Hoping for a PC port!
Grandpuh Mar 9 @ 3:52pm 
Noice :D
predcloak Mar 8 @ 6:52am 
I hate playing on my phone, so I am really looking forward to playing DoC on my PC through Steam someday.
Izark Mar 4 @ 3:33am 
Great game!
Tulin Mar 1 @ 12:51am 
Great Old school RPG Game.
My Favorit ist the opinion to build a full Goupe by my self. Like Wizardy and so on.
I Played ist 100+ on ma Android and hop i can get it on my PC
ssclifford Feb 28 @ 9:53pm 
addictive game i just found on android. reminds me of the games that got me started. would prefer to have it on my PC.
onyx_reihn Feb 28 @ 9:53am 
This game would be an excellent addition to Steam, I've logged at least 100+ hours on my phone and have beaten what content we have so far in solo runs with almost every class. IMO solo runs really let this game shine when you've beaten it once or twice with a group. Upvote.
Cochizaru Feb 27 @ 6:00am 
Excellent old school RPG!