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Escapee's Chest
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Jul 31, 2012 @ 1:47am
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Escapee's Chest

I wanna say one thing first off- this is not a quest. This is simply a fun miscellaneous chest I made that I thought made an interesting lead on to a quest I might make later. This is a chest for you from your former bandit clan members...what?...did no one tell you that the dovahkiin used to be part of a bandit clan? Well they were. You're second in command smuggled some items in to aid your escape from the imperial soldiers, but advises you not to come back in case the imperials follow you to base camp. Now your second in command is the clan leader and he left a note explaining everything in the chest. This mod helps first off in Helgen Keep by giving some good random loot and the note. This chest can be found if you go with Hadvar into the Keep it is located straight ahead from the immediate enterance to the right of the gate.
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Alphasarous Aug 4, 2012 @ 5:08pm 
I'm liking the things you get not (too overpowered) But there seems to be two problems I've noticed, first of all when I attempt reading the note it closes/crashes my game and I can't read it. Second of all the location/position of the chest blocks Hadvar from using the thing on the wall to open the door. But besides that, thanks for the mod!