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Introduction of a "mechanic" I haven't seen many people do (if ever).
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Dr. Worm  [author] Oct 20 @ 6:20pm 
I can't believe people are still playing this map
ThisIsHughYoung Oct 20 @ 6:02pm 
entertaining. not the deepest puzzle but a fun idea.
Ryvaken Tadrya Oct 15 @ 6:30pm 
Creative, certainly, but more annoying than fun. Great proof of concept, but get some puzzles that are a tad more challenging.
Stafa Sep 19 @ 3:09pm 
This was pretty creative. I like how the level was set up to train the player how to play the level. Though, the final puzzle wasn't very difficult. I mainly gave this a thumbs up due to the creatvity.
Mask operation knife Sep 2 @ 9:33pm 
笼子铁网设计巧妙 赞一个
dmuk Jul 29 @ 3:48am 
Nice set of examples! Iike the way you build on each test to be more complex. I was half-expecting to see the slippy-gel-coated cube sliding down a lightbridge too, but perhaps that's for next time...
Portalized Jun 29 @ 7:09pm 
Fun and clever - especially the last chamber. Thanks!
gh8735 Jun 4 @ 3:13pm 
[Tom K] May 13 @ 12:23pm 
Hi. Played your map. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWR8BeZSEfk
See the description for the timestamp.
stormsend May 5 @ 12:55am 
Fun and a bit challenging in places. I very much liked the speed gel room and the final chamber. I've used the concept but never quite as elegantly as you have here. The bouncing cube, I thought, was a novel idea. The whole map is well thought out and implemented. Great job. Another of yours to add to my fav's. Thank you and I'll see ya round the workshop.