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Grave Chase
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 16 @ 12:28pm
Feb 16 @ 8:24pm

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Release date: Spring 2017
GRAVE CHASE is a retro-inspired 2D horror action-adventure game in which a brother & sister must survive the month of October in the deadly graveyard of a ghoulish groundskeeper. An all new game from the creator of ABOBO'S BIG ADVENTURE and BIONIC CHAINSAW POGO GORILLA!

The Groundskeeper always keeps his graveyard full. Not by having clients, but by killing all the people in town and throwing their body parts into open graves! One night, however, he murdered the parents of two kids who saw the whole awful act take place. Now, they've sworn to get revenge using science... and shovels! Together, these siblings hatched a plan to go into the graveyard, dig up body parts, and use science to turn them into an army of monsters to tear the Groundskeeper limb from limb.

It's not going to be easy, however, for the Groundskeeper patrols the graveyard constantly with his lantern, searching for trespassers whom he can relentlessly chop into pieces with his meat cleaver. As they traverse his nightmarish graveyard, the siblings will also have to use their shovels to battle hordes of the undead, skeletons, blobs, axe-wielding psychopaths, ghosts, mummies, and much more. Hey, it's a graveyard; who else would you expect to be hanging around there late at night?

Grave Chase features old school 2D pixel art, a steady flow of spooky new enemies throughout the game, 31 stages of increasing difficulty, 4 additional unlockable game modes for even more replay value, over 50 achievement medals , special power-ups, an all original soundtrack, windowed or fullscreen play, gamepad support, and you can choose to play as the girl or boy while the other stays home and builds monsters using the body parts you collect.

Can you survive this Grave Chase through the month of October, culminating on Halloween?

Get ready to RUN, RUN RUN, or you'll surely DIE, DIE, DIE!
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pERIODbLOOD 21 hours ago 
If anyone deserves a chance to be on steam its Rog. He's been producing top quality entertainment for years and not gotten nearly enough recognition.
diabolique Feb 23 @ 2:49pm 
Making weird monsters looks like fun, plus I enjoyed playing their past games.
RogueBeans Feb 22 @ 10:41pm 
I've loved the previous games (biblically) from this developer and am looking forward to this one!!!!
theincrediblepete Feb 22 @ 9:17pm 
These guys' games never disappoint.
Spelunkerman Feb 22 @ 9:12pm 
Your previous games have been awesome!
maddox Feb 22 @ 3:07pm 
Hell yeah!
Popof Feb 22 @ 2:12pm 
Upvoted. I like the idea of the game and nice trailer ;)
babycakes Feb 19 @ 12:35pm 
Upvoted! Looks like fun.
Veskaida Feb 19 @ 7:58am 
Looks pretty well made. There's a ton of personality in the trailer, and it works really well with the gameplay. I love how unique the game feels withi it's characters and mechanics.
CaseyAD Feb 18 @ 10:00pm 
Can't wait to try this.