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Cold Hearts
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 13 @ 12:23pm

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Contest: win custom character artwork from Cold Hearts dev!
Release date: 2017

Cold Hearts is a visual novel about refrigerators, loneliness and the meaning of life. Developed by two streamers and loonies, Outstar (worked on Witcher III and Eventide) and Memoriesin8bit (worked on DXX-Rebirth and Tower of Guns). Besides giving you the ability to date household appliances, we want to share a real story - there's crime to be solved, lives at stake and hearts to be broken. There's a real reason why fridges are... girls... or girls are fridges, and it's your job to uncover the truth.

Cold Hearts is built in the Ren'Py engine and will support Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

- 6 character paths with multiple endings
- additional unlockable secret path
- genderless protagonist - play who you feel like playing
- many choices to be done - we want you to play interactively, not read a book!
- tons of artwork we put our heart into - all assets are made by Outstar and process is often streamed on Twitch
- fully custom soundtrack composed by Outstar & friends
- story written by Outstar and Memoriesin8bit with a bunch of friends helping to proofread
- save, skip, rewind - all features you need to comfortably explore every route and ending

The first chapter will be available for free as a demo - follow us to catch it as soon as it arrives!
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SirReco Feb 22 @ 2:06pm 
As a owner of a very sexy fridge I would say, why not!!
Just kifing, I want to support Outstar, I am a big fan of her art and follow her streams as much as possible.
Engerek Feb 22 @ 12:38pm 
As a huge fan of Outstar's art, I am excited for this game. I dont know how the story or gameplay will turn out but the art will definitely be fantastic.
Hispeeday Feb 21 @ 9:29am 
Fridges need love, too!
Arvan Eleron Feb 20 @ 7:54am 
Pumped for this game. My reaction to it is not...Cold.
Woxrocks Feb 19 @ 3:14pm 
I hope that this game will be available on Steam soon, can't wait...
GrimReaper Feb 17 @ 9:16am 
If you add the Russian language, be sure to buy)
outstarwalker  [author] Feb 17 @ 2:15am 
Replying to comment below - there are 6 romanceable characters + additional unlockable one that is not available as a path before you explore other storylines. I will make sure to upload more screenshots soon - we're working hard on a demo right now, so everyone can play it for free and meet most of the characters. :)
Veskaida Feb 16 @ 5:21pm 
The art looks pretty good, and the graphics in the trailers are very well done.

I wish we could see more of the gameplay though. I'm a big fan of visual novels, but we hardly get to see any of the story or dialogue here. I like the idea of inanimate objects being anthromorphized, like refridgerators, but right now it only looks like 1 character? The 1 "black fridge"? It would be nice to see more of the cast of characters, or have more character variety going on.
Akumaart990 Feb 16 @ 10:39am 
That's awesome idea :)
chris11sholtz Feb 15 @ 2:22pm 
I didn't know I needed fridge waifus until this game.