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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 13 @ 4:45pm
Mar 2 @ 5:05am
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Cogmind Beta 1: "The End"
Cogmind Beta Preview
Release date: Coming Q2 2017 to Early Access (yes I know, "Cogmind is already polished" but... more cool features! :P)
Experience sci-fi tactical combat and exploration in a procedural world that combines traditional roguelikes with an immersive modern interface like no other. Build yourself from components found or salvaged from other robots. Attach power sources, propulsion units, utilities, and weapons to become a slow tank bristling with weapons, or a fast-moving flier zipping past enemies before they even have time to react, or a stealthy sword-wielding assassin/hacker, or whatever else you can come up with from the salvage you find. The situation can quickly change as you lose components and rebuild yourself from enemy remains. You are the Cogmind. Discover what that means as you explore a living, breathing world ruled by robots.

Core Features:
  • Build and modify a unique robot from parts found, or enemies defeated
  • Dynamic character development without XP/grinding
  • Procedurally generated world combined with hand-crafted content
  • ASCII evolved: Most advanced terminal interface ever
  • Thousands of particle effects and SFX
  • Fully destructible environment

Available now at Coming to Steam Early Access Q2 2017.

Recognition during four years of non-stop alpha development and early access:
  • Destructoid - Top Indie Games - 2016
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Best PC Games - 2015 / 2016
  • IndieDB - Player-ranked Top 100 - 2014 / 2015 / 2016

"Cogmind is an impressive merging of old and new school game design." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Cogmind is a wonderful thing, carefully and intelligently constructed, and with a gorgeous ASCII aesthetic." - Adam Smith, RPS

Find out more at

(Note that the current price is for alpha access - it will be lower on full release. Also, Mac/Linux are supported via Wine and work very smoothly, though I've not tagged this in Greenlight since they're not native builds.)
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May 5 @ 4:27pm
The release date of this game if you could be nice and tell the people my dear creator or publisher
Baron Von Bulldog
< >
Kyzrati  [author] May 23 @ 12:03am 
@Jeason1997: Unfortunately it's not possible to support other languages for a number of technical reasons.

As for release, now that Cogmind is Beta the content itself is definitely ready for wider exposure, though there a lot of other preparations and meta stuff to do before EA--mainly addressing some accessibility issues and also taking care of the business side of things. So the next step is to handle all that. Hope it goes smoothly :)
Jeason1997 May 22 @ 4:51am 
chinese pls :)
konnerharoldkersey May 1 @ 9:23pm 
Unbelievably excited for this to release!!!
Tomas Nau Apr 17 @ 8:48pm 
When will we be able to buy the EA version?
Geekson Mar 23 @ 9:25am 
Can't wait to buy it on Steam. Regional prices, you know)
onyhow Mar 6 @ 3:06am 
Well, generally when people are talking price they're talking USD, since that's used as base price where regional prices are adjusted to (which I'm going to be paying in...but you know, generally when I know base USD price I can do rough conversion to my currency based on experience)...but yeah, thanks for the info!
Grid Sage Games  [author] Mar 5 @ 6:32pm 
Hard to fully address the price question since it will vary by region, but as indicated on the website for the past couple years the planned release price is $19.99. It will not be different between EA and full release (because honestly the "alpha" version is a very complete and stable game, and has been for a long time), though they will differ in that only the latter will likely eventually see larger sales. (As mentioned in the recent announcement , I've decided to call the first Steam release EA simply to signal that there are a lot more features to come, despite Cogmind already being a solid experience.)
Willy D. Longpong Mar 5 @ 5:40am 
onyhow: I'm going to make a confident guess and say that none of that information is known to anyone just now, dev included. I would wait on the store page and the EA spiel.
onyhow Mar 5 @ 4:55am 
Question tho: you say something about putting the game on Early Access...what will the price be on there? And how much will the price change between EA and release?