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Clear Shot
Class: Demoman
Item Slot: Weapon
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Jul 30, 2012 @ 1:59pm
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I've been doing too much crafting. All I wanted was to make was a refined or two.

Clearly this model is a combination of our beloved Loch-n-Load and Black Box; by steam users Swizzle and Larolaro respectively. This isn't a super serious submission, but rather a fun project I've had sitting in my files for some time.

Also steam user FlaminSarge came up with the name. I was just going to make some lame combo like LochnBox, but Clear Shot sounds better :)
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Nov 24, 2013 @ 12:57pm
☥☥Vampir Makowski☥☥ #HEADVAMP
< >
BurningBread Mar 13 @ 4:32pm 
The projectiles should fly like a rocket, but with an arc.
On hit:+15 health
+20% damage
+25% projectile speed
Only 1 shot in the clip
Bombs shatter on surface
+25% damage to self

Should be usable by both solder and demo.
Jeffro_ Feb 25 @ 1:39pm 
should make the stats the same as the black box
NicsterTheB Feb 23 @ 9:28am 
how do i get this weopon?
some ideas:
When Shooted The Explosion pushes Enemies
25% Faster Shooting
25% Lower Recharge
10% Less Health On Wearer
brutekiller Feb 5 @ 8:28am 
sir zebra McCampervan III Feb 3 @ 11:17am 
bit basic looking.
MoNsTeR PoOpY Feb 3 @ 9:09am 
Demoman is in Need of new weapons valve, please add, DEMO PRIDE
aabicus Jan 28 @ 1:01am 
This looks like a great weapon for demo, Valve please add this
olaf Jan 27 @ 5:21pm 
this looks fancy
[DFS] Rokador Jan 24 @ 2:14pm 
For me similar to black box - 25% less ammo and + 15 health on hit