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How to repaint on windows [Updated on February 14th]
By SocialOfficer
Modders are able to customize side and rear windows on busses starting with patch 1.10. This guide explains the basic workflow to get a repaint compatible with windows up and running.
Starting with patch 1.10 we made some changes on our repaint templates. We support customizations on side and rear windows. Some repaints may still work as usual, but they might need some changes in order to work with the latest update. Some repaints might look like this:

That's not the result we would like to have, so let's just fix this right now.

We'll cover the process of supporting customizable windows, if you want to start a new repaint from scratch head over to my other guide and check back here.


Prerequisites for this guide: 10ish minutes, just an image editing software + code editor and a few cookies of your choice.
Change *.repaintinfo file content
Remember your *.repaintinfo file which gets used in FBS for getting the basic assignments of your textures? We need to apply some changes in order to support window textures.

Locate your repaintinfo file and open it up with any code editor. I'm using Visual Studio Code in my case, but Notepad++ or even Notepad is fine enough.

Your file should look like this (not exactly though, but its format and layout should be the same):

{ "repaintName": "<YOUR REPAINT NAME>", "author": "<YOUR NAME>", "description": "<YOUR DESCRIPTION>", "TextureInfos": [ { "MeshName": "Mesh", "MaterialName": "MAN_LC_Exterior_Lack", "ParameterName": "BaseTexture", "TextureFilename": "repaint.png" } ] }

Extend its content by adding a few new parameters. Just paste the code content below into your repaintinfo file and replace those '<>' values with your desired properties - without the brackets for sure:

{ "repaintName": "<YOUR REPAINT NAME>", "author": "<YOUR NAME>", "description": "<YOUR DESCRIPTION>", "TextureInfos": [ { "MeshName": "Mesh", "MaterialName": "MAN_LC_Exterior_Lack", "ParameterName": "BaseTexture", "TextureFilename": "repaint.png" }, { "MeshName": "Mesh", "MaterialName": "MAN_LC_Exterior_P_Glas_Inst", "ParameterName": "Window Mask", "TextureFilename": "repaint_windows.png" }, { "MeshName": "MAN_Interior", "MaterialName": "MAN_LC_Interior_P_Glass_Inst_C", "ParameterName": "Window Mask", "TextureFilename": "repaint_windows.png" } ] }

If you want to repaint MAN Lion's Coach C Variant, you must use the following code (and replace the placeholders obviously):

{ "repaintName": "<YOUR REPAINT NAME>", "author": "<YOUR NAME>", "description": "<YOUR DESCRIPTION>", "TextureInfos": [ { "MeshName": "Mesh", "MaterialName": "MAN_LC_Exterior_Lack_Inst_C", "ParameterName": "BaseTexture", "TextureFilename": "repaint.png" }, { "MeshName": "Mesh", "MaterialName": "MI_MAN_LCC_Exterior_P_Glas", "ParameterName": "Window Mask", "TextureFilename": "repaint_windows.png" }, { "MeshName": "MAN_Interior", "MaterialName": "MI_MAN_LCC_Interior_P_Glass", "ParameterName": "Window Mask", "TextureFilename": "repaint_windows.png" } ] }

Nothing else to do here, just save your repaintinfo file and close your code editor.
Get and edit window templates
Download the templates
We need to get an additional template for our windows. Go ahead and download our official templates from our forums:


Unzip the archive and open it up with Paint.NET, GIMP or even Photoshop. Use an image editor you're used to. I'm using paint.net in this guide, just as always.

Editing windows
Add a new layer and arrange it as lowest layer after you opened the template

and fill it with pure black:

  • 1: Select black
  • 2: Select filling bucket
  • 3: Select your new layer which is the lowest one
  • 4: Click the area to fill it with black
  • 5: Locate the T_MAN_LC_Winbows_UV layer and check the box

You should see the UV grid without any problems. This grid helps you to locate the windows for repainting.

Add a new layer but don't fill it with any color. We'll place our content we'd like to have on our windows on that layer. Start repainting on it after you added a new layer. I'll write a basic text just for testing purposes, feel free to make something fancier.

Uncheck every tick box in your layer window (including the UV grid and black layer) except the ones you'd like to ship with your repaint. In my case the text layer. It should look like this:

Save the file in the same directory as your repaintinfo file and name it 'repaint_windows.png'.

Switch over Fernbus Simulator and reload your modified repaint. You should see your changes instantly:

Wrapping up
We successfully updated our repaint with support for side and rear windows. Make sure to update your repaint in case you uploaded it to Steam Workshop previously. Just hit the update button in mod menu. If you upload your repaint for the first time, check out my other guide:


Have fun creating your repaints! Check out my profile for other useful guides and check out my repaints: