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University Hospital
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Feb 5 @ 3:23pm
Feb 21 @ 12:59pm
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University Hospital

Hi community,

enjoy the new University Hospital intown. The main building provides an emergency department, some laboratories and patient rooms. It's directly connected to the annex building where medical students can find a small laboratory, a lecture hall and a library.

This is an experimental asset. If you have any trouble to place it in your city or something, please contact me.

This asset comes without foliage (as seen in the screenshots).

Have fun!

If you like my assets, I'd appreciate a little donation (paypal), also in view of all upcoming stuff. Thank you very much.


Asset in-game info
Type of building: Healthcare, Hospital

Asset properties
Size: 12x8
All other properties are exactly the same as the vanilla hospital

Asset info
Tris: 5972
Texture size: 2048x1024
Texture types: diffuse, alpha, specular, illumination & normal map

LOD info
Tris: 154
Texture size: 256x256
Texture types: diffuse, specular & illumination map

Screenshots were taken by using Realistic LUT V1.2 combined with Daylight Classic mod. But all assets I made were adjusted for the vanilla game colour settings.
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Rob Jul 17 @ 6:45am 
Hey, loving this hospital, very well made :)

Was curious if it were possible to support students studying across the road by adding an invisible building or something similar on top of the extension. I've dabbled in the asset creator, however I can't figure out how I would go about creating a quick version. Thank you in advance! :)
JohnL Jul 9 @ 12:11pm 
I will give it a try, it's so cool and I saw YouTube's "Biffa" use it in his city today. Even if it does nothing it looks great and I can use it for decoration. :-) Just as long as it doesn't glitch out my other clinics and hospitals...if it does I will have to unsub. I don't have a lot of mods and assests (at least compared to some) so perhaps all will work fine.
Senfkorn  [author] Jul 9 @ 9:45am 
@JohnL Thanks man! I don't know what to fix exactly. Emeral figured out that maybe it's an issue caused by the game. I remember I've had a similar issue in one of my first cites. It was a mega city with some more issues then this one :)
JohnL Jul 9 @ 7:25am 
Really cool building! The old hospital in my town had an enclosed above ground crosswalk like that as well! But I'm worried about the comments here that it's not working or has caused the other hospitals to not work. has that been fixed?
breadcrumb Jun 29 @ 6:25pm 
does not spawn ambulances for some reason..
AngelOfSirius Jun 8 @ 1:32am 
@Senfkorn and Eremal... Got the problem too. No patients and no ambulances. I removed the hospital from the game, but how do I get my other small clinics back to work now?
teamHAM May 31 @ 4:14am 
It looks great, but for me it doesn't work. Nobody uses it :(
crash665 May 26 @ 2:39pm 
Looks incredible!
niis-ku May 25 @ 12:33am 
Nice design, thank you :)
Gravitydefier May 24 @ 3:21pm 
Does this provide both education and health? That'd make sense