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University Hospital
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Feb 5 @ 3:23pm
Feb 21 @ 12:59pm
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University Hospital

Hi community,

enjoy the new University Hospital intown. The main building provides an emergency department, some laboratories and patient rooms. It's directly connected to the annex building where medical students can find a small laboratory, a lecture hall and a library.

This is an experimental asset. If you have any trouble to place it in your city or something, please contact me.

This asset comes without foliage (as seen in the screenshots).

Have fun!

You like my assets and want to support my work? That's cool! Thank you.


About the asset
Type of building: Healthcare, Hospital
Size: 12x8
All other properties are exactly the same as the vanilla hospital

Main model info
Tris: 5972
Texture size: 2048x1024
Texture types: diffuse, alpha, specular, illumination & normal map

LOD info
Tris: 154
Texture size: 256x256
Texture types: diffuse, specular & illumination map

Screenshots taken with Realistic LUT V1.2 and Daylight Classic on. But all assets I create are adjusted for the vanilla game colour settings.
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BonBonB Nov 13 @ 6:23am 
Reviewed in What Map #172
Endo Oct 12 @ 5:24am 
Hey Senfkorn. Would you want to update the hospital for helicopter usage or is it included already?
aubergine18 Oct 8 @ 8:57am 
Love the way this model crosses the road - makes it really easy to use custom roads. Bravo!
Jones 77 Sep 25 @ 6:39pm 
nledezma Sep 25 @ 11:46am 
I have a trouble with the hospital. I put this like you say but the ambulance don't go out and the hospital don't receive pacients. What can i do?
修仙中的夜游神 Sep 24 @ 2:26am 
Nice job.
Senfkorn  [author] Sep 5 @ 5:25am 
Alright man, alright. That's cool!
Grey_Ghost Sep 5 @ 3:39am 
@Senfkorn Jeepers, I was able to make the university part after using ModTools to extract an invisible model from another mod. Sized it 12x2 so it lights up like a real building, I even set an entry marker using the grid as a guide. Took me a while to figure all that out. Thanks again.

For anyone looking for a simpler way, I later found a tiny 1x1 called Overpowered University here on the workshop that can hide inside the Annex.
Grey_Ghost Sep 4 @ 6:41am 
I'm not a CS modder, so I don't know how to create and/or import a model at all. Thanks anyway.
Senfkorn  [author] Sep 3 @ 12:55am 
@Rob @Grey_Ghost Yeah good idea. The thing is I don't want to split the asset. But there's an easy way to do it for yourself. You can import a small box object (8mx8mx8m centered on four cells) as an university to the asset editor. In-game you can place it inside the annex building. You don't even need the Move It mod.