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The Dark Mod
Feb 5 @ 2:23pm
Mar 8 @ 1:13pm
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The Dark Mod has been Greenit, HUZZAH!
The Dark Mod ijust smashed through the 10k likes barrier folks!
Release date: 2013
The Dark Mod is a FREE, first-person stealth game inspired by the original Thief series by Looking Glass Studios and includes industry rivaling gameplay features, dozens of unique AI, and a complete set of custom art assets, allowing players and mappers to enjoy a rich and immersive environment.

In the News:
The Dark Mod was voted #2 on PC Gamer's The 50 Best Free PC games list.

"It’s a tremendous achievement – a detailed tribute to the Thief series…. Projects like The Dark Mod are a way for those fans to say “if you won’t make it, we will” – to deftly lift what was good and meaningful about the games that inspired us years ago and run away with it." — PC Gamer.

“This is splendid….it’s basically Thief…but in ID tech4. Even now, there’s a good couple of hours of classic immersive sim action here, and I recommend it strongly." "— Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

“The Dark Mod has long been one of the most famous PC mods around. … It was great. Now it’s even better.” — Kotaku.

In it you play a hooded figure slinking through the shadows of a gothic, murky, candle-lit, steampunk world, hunting priceless valuables while avoiding the swords and arrows of those hired to stop you. Each mission is an interactive short story, where you play the main character, with tools such as rope arrows, gas and flash mines, lockpicks etc. You break into buildings, loot places, solve mysteries or simply try to get out alive.


  • In order to play The Dark Mod, you need to install a base package first (~ 2GB), please proceed to the Download page.[]
  • A growing number of missions are available through the in-game downloader, and a list of published missions can also be found on the Missions page.[]

Dev kit:
The Dark Mod also comes with its own toolkit, allowing anyone to create their own stealth missions. To date there are already over 100 full missions for download, including some small campaigns. The Dark Mod features its own customized editor, DarkRadiant. It is an open source tool available for Windows and Linux, aimed at making the mission creation process as easy as possible. Grab the editor.[] and more on the Mission Authors page.[]

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Private Hudson Apr 25 @ 5:29pm 
It's great to see you're still trying to get it on Steam :D
AluminumHaste  [author] Apr 22 @ 5:49am 
Well, turns out that merging a project with Steam requires a whole lot of legalese that we're still sifting through.
We're doing our best to move this along, but it's slow going, everything is based on volunteers.
Funny Apr 14 @ 10:25am 
evil presley Apr 11 @ 5:28am 
what's taking this long?
Shuck A Cuck Apr 1 @ 2:13pm 
Really excited for this, despite the fact that I've been playing the mod since around the time it was released standalone. Excited to see the interest and community content this will generate.
-=[TRETA]=- jTp Mar 23 @ 11:55am 
Everyone Mar 16 @ 6:02pm 
Congratulations, can't wait to try the new update once it realeases to Steam!
Xymox Mar 10 @ 8:12am 
Grats! Can't wait!
drunkchiprobotics Mar 10 @ 4:03am 
.km Mar 9 @ 12:42pm 
Gratz on the greenlight!