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Fetish Pantyhose Outfits
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Jul 28, 2012 @ 12:30pm
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Many people requested some more nylon goodness in my collections and quite rightly so in my humble opinion, so this is the mod collection for pantyhose (and probably stockings) outfits. In future will play with dernier, gloss and colours and of course different outfits to go with them.

This is designed to be compatible with the Fetish Wardrobe mod so can change shoes, add gloves and such from there as you see fit to customise the outfits and get your perfect look (on you or your companions).

The bodyshape is set to what you need so you wont need the Fetish Wardrobe player character and/or general females body mods I released to use this.

If you think the default bodyshape is a bit too top heavy for your tastes I have uploaded a mod which can be found in my collection which will magically make you slimmer (read reduce boob size by 50%).

If you watch the promo videos, best to watch in high def (1080p) if you can, as they can look a bit fuzzy otherwise.

Added a 3rd video showing how you can still be pretty as a vampire in Dawnguard - instructions are in the youtube video description if you want your character to look the same as before, but want to still be a vampire.

List of Outfits:

1) Black Wicked Dress (light and heavy)
2) White Wicked Dress (light and heavy)
3) Ebony Maiden Armour (light and heavy - heavy version has shoulder guards)
4) Leotard Outifts* (light and heavy - heavy version has nylon front and shoulder guards)
5) Elegant Black Dress (light and heavy)
6) White dress (light and heavy)
7) Red Dress (light and heavy)

*Note that the heavy version of the leotard outfit is more opaque, so added a pair of matching darker heels to go with it.

List of Videos:
1st Video - Black wicked dress catwalk
2nd Video - White wicked dress demo
3rd Video - Instructions on how to be a vampire lord in Dawnguard but stay pretty
4th Video - Ebony Maiden armour catwalk
5th Video - Pantyhose Leotard catwalk
6th Video - Elegant Dress Catwalk
7th Video - White and Red dress outfits catwalk


Working German Version = http://www.skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11240
Original defunct version = http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=10658

The halo can be found here:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I get the outfits in game?
A: Create at a forge under Studded. (Studded seems an empty category so will likely move all my stuff to that category over time - thanks for the idea Miastra :)

Q: I play a male char and am kinky to the max - I want to use this stuff!
A: Sorry buddy, only works for females.

Q: OK so I made the items at the forge, but how do I improve them before I take my amazon out to kick some buttz?
A: You can temper with voidsalts, as with all my other armour pieces

Q: I can see the white gloves in the Studded armour section of the forge, but where are the black gloves?
A: They already exist in my Fetish Wardrobe mod in ebony section so grab that mod if you want them.

Q: I installed this mod and somehow I get weirdness with crouching/blocking etc?
A: Make sure this mod is at the bottom of your load order in datafiles in case it conflicts with other mods you have, which will no doubt be terribly inferior to the incalculable level of awesomeness this mod offers.

Q: Oh God you have caused the end of the world with shows of slinky females and as such I hate you without limit.
A: Woops sorry for causing the end of the world. Guess that's my bad.


Electionis for skyheels (the original and yet to be beaten)
Caliente (the Big Brother of Big Brothers)

FYI in you want to create stuff yourself and don't know where to start - I posted this in comments but feel it is useful for eveyone....

For interest sakes, everything used to create this mod is freely available so you can make stuff yourself - your imagination is the limit - so you will need:

GIMP - FREE! - Texture edititing (deals with layers which is important and can export to .dds format files which you need for Skyrim.) This makes the colours/fabric you see on things.

Blender - FREE! 3D modelling tool, complex but poweful, tutorials available on the web. This makes the 3d shapes of the armour pieces, or bodies or chairs or whatever.

NIFSKOPE - FREE! Tool for setting textures to 3d models and assigning body parts - this makes the colours/fabric attach to the 3d items you make in Blender.

Sssssssshhhhhhh, MS Paint - Yeah the PH textures at pixel level created in MS Paint LOL (I find it easier then GIMP at that granularity - just don't tell anyone I used it)

Skyrim Creation Kit - comes with Skyrim registration on Steam, can opt to download from steam tools section, and will allow creation of the .esp files to make the mod work using the meshes (Blender to make nif filesand Nifskope to edit them) and Textures (GIMP to make dds files) you have created.
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Why need to make it craftable? Why not put new clothes or armor in some chest? Or add it to merchant's assortiment?
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