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Stack Merger
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Stack Merger

Make your haulers understand that a tidy stockpile is an efficient stockpile.

Adds a low-priority hauling job that makes your haulers merge stacks in your stockpiles. Works per stockpile, so if items are in different stockpiles they will not be merged.

As each storage building (e.g. vanilla racks, extended storage, deep storage, etc) count as a single stockpile (or technically, have their own SlotGroup - which for this mod is equivalent), stacks in different storage units will not be merged.

When I was playtesting this, Stockpile Efficiency was brought to my attention. These mods do pretty much exactly the same thing (in fact we both use the same vanilla methods for the actual hauling). The main difference is in how we keep track of what can be merged. Stockpile Efficiency searches for stacks that can potentially be merged whenever a pawn is looking for something to merge. Stack Merger keeps a permanent cache of stacks that can be merged. I haven’t run any benchmarks, but I expect my mod to have a mostly constant, relatively low cpu load. Stockpile Efficiency will have no load as long as pawns don’t have time to do the hauling jobs, but when they search for things to merge the cpu load will most likely be considerably larger.

- duduluu: Chinese translations
- Zhentar: A17 update

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This is version v0.17.1.0

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Mar 14 @ 7:55pm
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Fluffy  [author] 6 minutes ago 
I've just updated most of my mods (including this one) to A17.

I realise this may be inconvenient for you, but it's a huge hassle for me to keep track of multiple versions of the same mod on steam. If you'd like to continue playing an A16 game, you can find old versions of my mod on the GitHub releases page - there's a link in the description above.
BYND FailoFishy 26 minutes ago 
Awesome :D so quick to update!
Fluffy  [author] 11 hours ago 
Yep, I try not to plug my own mods too much, but Work Tab would be a good way to finetune the prioritiy.

Also, you're correct in that animals don't do the stacking job - that's more or less by design. It's tricky (or at least trickier) to set this up for animals, and since animals don't do any of the other hauling jobs either (e.g. hauling corpses, building mats, etc), my excuse is that it's a design decision Tynan made, and I will stick by it :P.

@saxonator; should be. Make a backup of your save game first.
One way to have the priority higher is to use the [ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725219116 ] WorkTab [/url] mod to give the merger job a higher priority. I did not see my animal haulers merging stacks so I gave a pawn that job as a priority so that it stays neet.
saxonator May 21 @ 5:48pm 
is it safe to add to an existing save?
SFD¹ May 20 @ 2:21pm 
I wish I had seen that there was an A17 version of this sooner. The fact that 10 items were taking up 5 different spots (in the same stockpile, of course) was driving me to madness.
Fluffy  [author] May 8 @ 12:52am 
@Camord; I used to have it higher, but I quickly realized that pawns focusing on cleaning up stockpiles and not doing any other hauling was more annoying :P
Camord May 7 @ 7:34pm 
Clearly you do not have OCD! c'mon lowest priority?!? :P great job
John Marble May 7 @ 1:32am 
Hello i'm on A16 and my colonist don't merge at all, just wandering around
Fluffy  [author] May 7 @ 1:22am 
There's an A17 version available here;

I'll update steam when A17 goes live.