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Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 7:14pm
Nov 5, 2014 @ 3:11pm
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Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as decapitated/killmove spasms, blood drops when low health, More blood depending on how much damage you do, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil for machines. Customize certain features with use of MCM and optional plugins.

For compatibility patches for Skyrim Monster Mod, Immersive Creatures , Dawnguard, and Dragonborn. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/90099049/Compatibility%20Patches.rar

Nexus version:

Skyrim Mod Spotlight by Brodual:

Current Version Changes
You don't need to do anything if you are updating from v3.5e. Just let the mod update when you first load your save game.

-Added NMM installer support [ NEXUS VERSION ONLY ]
-Scripts will now apply ini settings that are in the Skyrimprefs file and removed the included ini file
-Blood size adjustments
-Increased default severe blood damage threshold from 20% to 22%
-Re-made two severe blood splatters
-Blood pooling has been sped up
-Blood pools now only start after a body has been stationary for short amount of time. Blood drops will continually appear until this happens
-Spasms are now chance based and work with normal killmoves. Spasms will react differently depending on ragdoll or body mod you are using. Using any ragdoll mod will improve the physics of the spasms
-Added MCM menu options for spasms
-Increase amount and rate of initial low heath blood drops
-Increased amount of blood during killmoves
-Adjustments to optional plugins of reduced and larger blood splatter size
-Re-made "brighter blood color optional file"
-Immersive Creatures Compatibility patch: New creatures added from SIC: DLC2 should now bleed properly

Optional files updated:
All DLC patches
All color and resolution files
Wound and splatter size files

I had to reduced some texture sizes in order to be below the 100MB limit for the Steam version.

The full FAQ is found in the description tab for the Nexus version of this mod. Please read that first before posting issues. You will most likely find answers there so you don't have to wait for a reply.

The "dD - Enhanced Blood Mod.ini" file may not be in the right place and it should be moved from the skyrim folder into your data folder. This is an issue with the Workshop.

You need Skyui and SKSE to use the MCM options. It's NOT required for the mod to work.

If you are not getting any blood you may need to make the decal amount graphic option higher. It is found in the Skyrim Launcher options.

This is not compatible with other blood mods.

Use only one Compatibility patch!

ENB, FXAA Injector, and lighting mods will have noticeable effects on blood color which may appear differently than intended. Use darker or brighter blood color optional files to adjust it. Different locations in the game will also alter the blood color such as indoor areas tend to be lighter than outdoors.

Do not optimize the nif files or the game will crash when you decap someone. You shouldn't be "optimizing" nif files in the first place.

Detailed Features (these are not modular)
Main plugin (ESP):
-Separated Hit splatters and static placed blood
-Allows different wounds based on weapon type
-Increase duration for blood on weapons
-Increase size to hit splatters and wounds based on weapon type
-Changes to screen blood duration, size, and amount

-New high resolution blood textures
-Wounds will cover larger areas and have different wound types based on weapon damage. (Blade, Claw, Bow, Unarmed, Blunt)
-New splatters for screen blood and removed lens flare effect (with options for blur)
-Increase red color to hit spurts
-High detail decapitation texture

New Features / Scripts:
*All features from "A Simple Bleeding Mod" Such as*
-Increased blood amount during combat
-Bleeding out npcs will now produce blood drops
-Bleeding from the neck after decapitation killmove and neck slit killmove
-A decapitated victim will have spasms for a few seconds
-Works for NPCs
*Features that I've added for EBT*
-Increased blood splatter amount from attacks and semi-constant blood drops on ground (blood trail) when health is low
-Two different blood splatter types depending on how much damage is done
-Blood pooling from killed npcs and will have a different appearance on softer surfaces (sand, dirt, ect.)
-More blood from killmoves with added blood spurts
-Green blood for Spiders and Chaurus, while dwarven machines bleed oil
-Spasms affect normal killmoves and are chance based
-Mod Configuration Menu to adjust certain aspects of the mod. This requires Skyui and SKSE

Optional files:
-Smaller blood Splatter, wound size, and amount
-Darker, brighter blood for use with all lighting mods
-No screen blood and blur screen blood optional files
-Screen blood changes to duration and amount using esps (Not needed if you have MCM)

How to Uninstall
-Go to an indoor area where there no blood splatters anywhere. If there is blood in the area previously you should first fast travel somewhere else. (If this is not done you may crash when the mod is uninstalled)
-Open console using the ~ key, and type the following:
stopquest zgoreeffectsnpcquest
stopquest zgoreeffectsnpcquestupdate

If you have SkyUI you can just click the uninstall button in the MCM menu instead of typing in the commands on the top.

Clean Save
Only do this if you are experiencing mod issues. Read the FAQ before doing so.

Follow steps below:
-Type the following in the console. (~) key
Stopquest zGoreEffectsNPCQuest
Stopquest zGoreEffectsNPCQuestUpdate
stopquest zGoreEffectsPlayerQuest (This line is for version that is above 3.0 or use the MCM uninstall instead)
-Go to an indoor area where there no blood splatters anywhere and possibly no other NPCs.
-Open console again (~) and type:
-Save game
-Quit the game
-Fully uninstall the mod and not just ticking the mod off.
-Go back into game and load that save
-Save the game again
-Now install the mod
-Load the save

Your MCM menu will be greyed out if you didn't make a clean save.

If blood doesn't appear on the ground or no blood pools:
-Uninstall the mod
-Check if the scripts folder contains files that start with: zblood or zgore and delete them
-Delete dD - Enhanced Blood Main.bsa in the data folder if it exists
-Install the mod using only with the main plugin file active (no optional files) and disable all other mods
-Start the game and while in the main menu type in the console: coc whiterunorigin
-Attack npcs and see if it works

I am unable to post it here because of character limit

Check the FAQ on the Nexus version of this mod:
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evp[T]ipO_K Jan 27 @ 7:47pm 
very good)) nice? thx
SmolBos Jan 27 @ 8:18am 
It does look amazing
Reece Jan 26 @ 1:34pm 
@Below. Thats a vanilla Skyrim problem, This mod doesn't affect that.
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Had to unsubscribe to get Vilkas to stop following me.
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OH! I knew about the point confused me..
BakaKemono  [author] Jan 25 @ 7:24am 
@Player 1
You set the Minimal Damage to a lower number not higher.
Player 1 Jan 24 @ 8:24pm 
Hello. How to increase the percentage of damage for which there are large splashes of blood ? 1 percent is very small for the high complexity of the game.
Katox Jan 23 @ 5:56am 
Still looks nice
dataDyne Jan 21 @ 10:31am