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An Easier War: Mass Producable Weapons/Armors
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An Easier War: Mass Producable Weapons/Armors

In 1 collection by RealityMachina
RealityMachina's Long War 2-only Mods
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Latest Update
Fixed Plated Armor and Advanced Lasers projects

Adds in proving ground projects that will let you mass produce (basically get 99 copies) given groups of weapons for Long War 2, if you have enough engineers, resources and their required techs (basically the techs and autopsies required to build all items mentioned within)

Projects are split into the following:

Basic Lasers (AR, SMG, Pistol)

Advanced Lasers (Cannon, Sniper, Shotgun)

Basic Magnetic (AR, SMG, Pistol)

Advanced Magnetic (Cannon, Sniper, Shotgun)

Magnetic Secondaries (Sword, Gremlin, Combat Knife, Arc Thrower, Grenade Launcher, Gauntlet, Holotargeter)

Basic Coilguns (AR, SMG, Pistol)

Advanced Coilguns (Cannon, Sniper, Shotgun, Sawn-off shotgun)

Beam Secondaries (Sword, Gremlin, Arc Thrower, Gauntlet, Holotargeter)

Basic Beam (AR, SMG, Pistol)

Advanced Beam (Cannon, Sniper, Shotgun)

Plated Armor (Human and SPARK)

Powered Armor (Human and SPARK)

Plasma Grenades (...plasma grenades.)

Psi-Amps excluded both due to rarity of psi-ops, and the fact that they don't really slot into "weapon tiers" and seem to be completely dependent on psionic enemy autopsies instead.

You can edit project costs in XComMassProduction.ini. To edit this, go to (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\854366679\Config

And if you're wondering why I went this route instead of restoring schematics, I looked at all the items I would have had to make schematics for and went "♥♥♥♥ that". :V
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Warden Harry Dresden Apr 25 @ 11:00am 
Does anyone have a list of the TechName for these projects? The only projects I'm getting are Plated Armor, Basic and Advanced Lasers and Basic and advanced Magnetic. I've researched Basic Coilguns, but don't have a Proving Ground Project to mass produce them.
Alextfish Mar 4 @ 3:30pm 
From what I've seen on reddit, it seems there are minimum required numbers of Engineers four the projects to show up. Apparently Predator Armour needs five engineers. Don't know whether this is reduced by the Engineering Research project by Tygan, but it might well be.
Dies Fourth Feb 20 @ 9:54am 
The mod author might not be subscribed, he hasnt replied since Jan 31st. Id some1 has him freinded could you please give him a polite reminder theres a few questions here. No rush he does such great work im sure hes just busy.
Dies Fourth Feb 19 @ 6:37pm 
Sorry to complain, the warden armor isnt showing up, just the arms do. I swore i read something about that issue bit i looked at all the comments b4 posting this and didnt find any info.
sacred soul69 Feb 19 @ 2:06pm 
@RealityMachina do you have any idea why Magnetic Secondaries/Plasma Grenades/Powered Armor arn`t showing up in the proving ground projects any advice would be apreciated
sacred soul69 Feb 18 @ 8:37am 
@Bakonon iw just recerched warden armour and havent got the mass produce option i checked the ini files and noticed it has plasm grenade for mass produce and i havent got that
Bakonon Feb 15 @ 2:21pm 
I'm running into a bug where I'd previously completed basic mag weapons and plated armor research, then built the proving ground and there was no mass production option. Then I researched laser weapons and got the mass production for that. Has anyone else seen behavior like this?
Surt Feb 15 @ 6:31am 
So, will this work with the LW2 Reach Weapons mod, or will I have to tweak stuff?
Willbilly Feb 14 @ 5:49pm 
In the XComLW_Overhaul.ini I see a tag 'Infinite=false' attached to most of the weapons. Wouldn't it be possible to just change this to true? Eh, what do I know...
Thjálfi Feb 13 @ 11:47am 
Is it possible to seperate the armors? I've already got plate armor for my troops, but I have yet to see the mission for SPARKs pop yet, so I can't mass produce the plate armor.

Also, can you add nanomedkits? Since apparantly we have to have seperate medkits in this game instead of just a simple upgrade.