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War Zone Middle East
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jan 31 @ 2:30pm
May 23 @ 3:08pm
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Come to our discord we release the beta for our community
Release date: 2017 early access
WAR ZONE: Middle East pre alpha close
Thanks to everyone who downloaded the pre alpha and tried the demo, the demo is now closed as we are working on the next release of the game
Please join us in Discord,
Or you may reach us at or . Thank you.

About WAR ZONE: Middle East
War Zone: Middle East is a modern combat RTS game, serving as a homage to some of the strategy genre classics, while still envisioning a unique game world with a blend of land, air and sea warfare. Our vision is to create a challenging and deep real-time strategy game for the PC, supporting Windows, Mac and Linux.

Current development plan
We are planning to launch Early Access version during 2017, expecting to deliver a single faction campaign with 6 extensive missions, 4 player multiplayer mode, and Skirmish with 2 factions.

Full version
will include a single player campaign with at least double the mission count, while increasing the multiplayer mode for 6-8 players and allowing 3 faction skirmish battles.

After the world's biggest economic depression, currency lost its value and alternative energy sources development halted. With central banks all over the world collapsing, crude oil is now the de-facto form of currency, and returned to its former glory as the most valuable natural resource for mankind.
With Oil reserves quickly depleting in both the far east and the west, the Middle East is once again at the center of attention as the most conflicted region in the world, torn apart by new multi-national superpowers fighting for the "black gold": The U.N.I, the R.J.C, and the G.A.O.
Commander, you have been summoned to join the fight. Choose your side wisely as each of the sides has their unique units, weapons and specialties. Choosing either the U.N.I or R.J.C you will have to fend off your multination opponents, as well as the local G.A.O militias – who are also not very keen on their homeland being invaded by any of these two factions.

Faction Intel
The western Union of nations, formed as a last resort move after the great economic depression of 2017 hit the west. Their armies comprise of both modern armored units and special tactical units for surgical strikes.
The united superpowers in the north-eastern Hampshire. Equipped with and relying on cutting edge hi-tech military power while also employing heavy artillery. They are quite confident with their powerful weaponry.
This is a money-thirsty local militia group. Enjoying the support of the local population , they specialize in guerilla combat tactic.
See you in the battlefield. Over and out commander!
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Dust Storm Entertainment  [author] May 23 @ 3:04pm 
Come to our discord we release the beta for our community
Discord channel here
Firestar1212 May 20 @ 10:52am 
@dawson_luke we dont need all missions with base building, some of the best missions in C&C where the commando, limited unit style missions
warmandan2006 May 19 @ 9:04am 
i want it now for a min i thought itwas C&C
dawson_luke May 16 @ 1:52pm 
- make sure all campaign missions allow base building
- allow for loads of upgrades, different units and base upgrades
-make it very similar to C&C generals.

ุ ุ ุ ุ ุ B1 May 9 @ 10:28am 
Will you add T-14 Armata to R.J.C?
Achilleslastand May 4 @ 8:32pm 
@Paul, yes there will be airfields. Please join the Discord link for more info, thank you.
Paul Atreides May 4 @ 7:40am 
Looks great! Please, put airfields, I don't like when the planes just appear in the map from somewhere that nobody knows.
Dada Apr 24 @ 9:27am 
Certainly looks ok !
红岸基地的电波 Apr 13 @ 7:28am 
maybe this game will be good.
RizkiS Apr 8 @ 9:14am 
Looks good