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No money for chambers 1
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No money for chambers 1

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Want to know what happens when Aperture runs out of money and can't afford to build huge underground testchambers anymore? This map series takes place on a parallel earth, where they use abandoned mines digsites and outdoor areas for controlled testing... to be more cost-efficient. No more space-wasting chambers with expensive walls. Let the sun shine!

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If you like my maps, want more, or want to support me paying my bills (I am unemployed atm), please DONATE[www.paypal.com]

This single-player map includes:
- Cube searching and carrying + lot of running
- Double lasers :)
- Music is from game: Unreal - Hub2 (1998)
- Some models & textures are from the source shared .gcf files
- Optional ingame hints (green questionmarks) in case you stuck... * UPDATED *
- Youtube walkthrough video, in case you stuck.

Hints/comments about the map:
- the map was made with Hammer editor (Portal Authoring Tools - it's free) !!!
- if the double laser can't hit both receiver, just fix the aim of the laser, sometimes its a bit off
- Hopefully fixed the lasercave's bug where an invisible wall prevented cube pickup.
- The map was made in 11 day, around 60-70 hour including compiling and testing.
- Direct download link: http://www.hommm.hu/-/portal/sp_damagepy_nmft1.zip
- You can download most of my Portal 1 and 2 maps and their hammer sources from: here[www.hommm.hu].

For those who got confused by the story, here is a more detailed description:
As you know Cave Johnson had this brilliant idea to ask the "community" to create a lot of tests (PTI plans) but to save money, he sneaked these plans into other parallel universes where the builders tought those are their own plans (their own scheduled tests) so they built the chambers. Cave was happy because this way he outsourced the testing for free. But the insane (more than half million) PTI plans and the huge chambers made some world broke, this universe is one of them. They ran out of money, couldn't afford to continue building more tests in the salt mines, so they had to bring the testing outside. But the problem was that human test subjects tried to escape all the time, so they started to use the coop-bots. Here they don't do coop yet - that happened far after this in time when GLaDOS found them (if they even ever get found in this universe) - just normal testing, and the good thing is: androids don't care about sunshine or deers...

Part 2 is here: No Money for Testchambers #2
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