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No money for chambers 1
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Jul 26, 2012 @ 3:02pm
Jun 23, 2013 @ 8:33pm
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Want to know what happens when Aperture runs out of money and can't afford to build huge underground testchambers anymore? This map series takes place on a parallel earth, where they use abandoned mines digsites and outdoor areas for controlled testing... to be more cost-efficient. No more space-wasting chambers with expensive walls. Let the sun shine!

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This single-player map includes:
- Cube searching and carrying + lot of running
- Double lasers :)
- Music is from game: Unreal - Hub2 (1998)
- Some models & textures are from the source shared .gcf files
- Optional ingame hints (green questionmarks) in case you stuck... * UPDATED *
- Youtube walkthrough video, in case you stuck.

Hints/comments about the map:
- the map was made with Hammer editor (Portal Authoring Tools - it's free) !!!
- if the double laser can't hit both receiver, just fix the aim of the laser, sometimes its a bit off
- Hopefully fixed the lasercave's bug where an invisible wall prevented cube pickup.
- The map was made in 11 day, around 60-70 hour including compiling and testing.
- Direct download link: http://heroes.hardwired.hu/-/portal/sp_damagepy_nmft1.zip
- You can download most of my Portal 1 and 2 maps and their hammer sources from: here[heroes.hardwired.hu].

Next part is coming soon... :)
TEASER pic from 'No Money for Testchambers #2'[heroes.hardwired.hu]
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White Obama Aug 19 @ 9:34pm 
Its what i've always dreamed of but I thought it would be called portal 3.
DO A BARREL ROLL!! Aug 14 @ 2:27pm 
That. Was. AMAZING!
Ravior Metal Aug 6 @ 12:48pm 
Thats a REALLY nice one! For me, the walking was ok. If you look alittle you can see that you have some portalable walls that help you for shortcuts.

I would really like to see more from this!
vioray Aug 6 @ 2:44am 
personally I didn't find the walking all that bad, there was a bit but there's some portal surfaces around and the radically different scenery from most maps means that what walking there is doesn't feel tedious, to me at least. not saying your opinion isn't valid of course, just offering a different point of view as well
[GAW] Luuna Aug 5 @ 10:57am 

Outdoors is definitively refreshing,

Perhaps I don't see the running so much in other, despite that I just remember the last chamber I did and it has definitively several room and when I failed one then ran to the next, it involved several run around the rooms to get it done.

So perhaps it's not the runnign itself but the advertising. Like beforehand I knew I had to run and when I finaly had I was in a state where, oh yeah that part when I need to run that much ... Perhaps would be good to not say that in the map nor the description and let the player find by itself.

I understand your point on the tips mark. Nothing to say more on that, it is actually well thought, despite not liking it is probably a good thing ^^.

It is sad that people downvote map when they are hard. I only downvote them when I find them uninteresting or just bad (Means I didn't enjoyed it).

DaMaGepy  [author] Aug 5 @ 6:34am 
@[GAW] Luuna: The map can be solved easily, for most pro blayer its even too easy. But since I want to help beginners too, I added the optional hints that you only need to use if you stuck, and normally on other maps (even on harder maps) you usually just abandon the map or check youtube walkthroughs. However the hints still not tell you what to do, just give helpful (or not helpful) tips.
So the majority who needs challenge and downvote too easy maps can still get some challenge, and those who sux and downvotes hard maps (that they cant solve) can get some chance too. And ye, finding things and running a lot is the part of portal, lot PTI map has bigger chambers where you run a lot or to room to room, you just not realize it (if you check the distance you run in this map) or to find things (where is the cube, how to activate things, maybe check more than one room, follow markers etc) I just tought its a refreshing to find things outside.
[GAW] Luuna Aug 5 @ 4:45am 

Just finished the map, rated it up but still some part were very fustrating.
The first part inside was easy and fun.
The second part was a bit more fustrating, running around I think is not fun in portal2 unless you can cheat and put portal to move fast.
I saw the question mark on the second run of the map (I will explain after), I think that if you need to put a question mark somewhere then the map is not well design enough. Portal is a game of discovery I think, and if you need to put some hint, then perhaps you could have changed the map in a way that you will guide the player look to the point you want him looking.
Also the parth with the laser that you need a portal to place it right, I had to watch the walktrough to understand.

Anyway it was a good experience overall but could have been better.

Xaz Aug 1 @ 7:14am 
Very good map
vioray Jul 27 @ 6:44am 
great visuals, fun and slightly challenging puzzles, very good job
Konke Jul 26 @ 11:57pm 
Well done. Clever puzzles. Not too hard nor too easy. Nice visuals and lighting. Good choice of music, even though I'm not sure about the copyright. Cheers.