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Castle Defense
Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 29 @ 3:22pm
Feb 14 @ 10:33am

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Release date: 2017
Castle Defense

Long, long ago in a far away land stood an impregnable castle. That castle was the key to unifying the people of the land. Warlords near and far sought to take it for themselves. Today, the castle will come under attack again. Can you defend the castle!?
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Feb 19 @ 5:39am
DMCA Takedown
[NSA] Carnage
Feb 18 @ 3:27pm
You Shall Not Succeed! Scumbag!
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bossfight1 Feb 21 @ 10:42am 
Heather, he has the right to use them, but the idea behind buying assets is to build off them; take them, edit them and mold them into your own real game. What he's doing is taking the asset and... not doing anything to it, he just bought it and threw it on Greenlight, completely unaltered. It's not illegal, but it's certainly lazy and distasteful. What's more, he censored SidAlpha's criticism of his submissions by abusing Youtube's exploitable copyright system to take it down, in spite of the fact that SidAlpha's use of the footage was fair use.
Heather Kettle games Feb 20 @ 5:33pm 
since the moment you bought those assets they are yours... How can you not get that? They are not someone else's work that they just use... They are made and sold solely for that purpose, the original creator gets his money... It's not like they are stolen... You are the ignorant small minded one and have no concept of basic economics
⎛⎝GreenlightCop⎠⎞ Feb 19 @ 4:21pm 
📌Asset Flip.
📌Submit asset-pack to Greenlight and doesn't change/edit anything.
📌Spamming Greenlight with six games at the same time, It was eleven.
📌Knowing to use Booster-vote groups.
📌Deletes comments.
📌VAC BAN on record.
📌Submitting a false DMCA Takedown of SidAlpha YouTube video.

📌No thanks / Not interested

📌Jaffstook, aka-F1n, aka-Dentola Studios = Instant Downvote.

PS: He thinks this comment is Racist?
AscendingSky Feb 19 @ 6:09am 
You like to claim what you're doing is legal. Do you know what's not legal? Committing perjury, which is what you did when you filed that illegitimate DMCA claim against SidAlpha. I hope you lose everything you own for trying to defraud customers and silence critics.
SedrynTyros Feb 18 @ 10:07pm 
How's it going, you asset-flipping dicklicker?
Venatius Feb 18 @ 11:07am 
Come to think of it: Interesting the ranking screenshot crops out all identifying information, isn't it?
Jamie Feb 18 @ 11:06am 
You won't go far in the gaming industry when you spend 99% of your time trying to censor negative reviews. Stop abusing youtubes DMCA system just to try and sell someone else's game. Trust me, you will be a lot more fulfilled and have a sense of accomplishment if you actually put work into something you're proud of instead of stealing other peoples work and trying to make a quick buck in the shadiest and most underhanded ways possible.
Venatius Feb 18 @ 11:01am 
Games have made it (or likelier in this case, bought their way) to higher ranks and never made it to Greenlight on an extremely regular basis. But hey, if suddenly pretending to switch to "haters gonna hate" style like you haven't been frantically trying to cover up your embarrassment and fleeing like a hunted animal from your critics this entire time helps you feel less like you've humiliated yourself and wasted your money, I suppose I can't fault you!
Psykhophear™ Feb 18 @ 8:53am 
DO NOT SUPPORT THIS CON ARTIST. This Jaffstook is no game developer. He has no love for the gaming community. He just wants your money. If these games do get Greenlit, I guarantee you there will be zero tech support because this numbskull didn't make the games himself. The games will stay broken and he will ignore your pleas.
flatblob Feb 18 @ 8:38am 
I guess 3700 unique visitors coming here to shit on you for the asset flip is still 3700 unique visitors? Too bad it wasnt that many people saying you made a good game. Or hell, that you made a game at all.