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Left 4 Dead 2

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AK-47 | Vulcan
Created by CombatBowl
Replaces *AK-47*

CS:GO AK-47 With Paysus Animation
Alien Xenomorph Spitter AVP Colonial Marines
Created by aNILEator
Replaces the Spitter with an Alien Xenomorph Spitter from Aliens Colonial Marines
Now includes a View model and Hud Icons (for Versus mode)

You may encounter server consistency errors on some servers that are enforcing strict/pure consistency (to have...
AWP | Dragon Lore
Created by CombatBowl
Replaces *AWP*

CS:GO AWP With Rev Animation
Ax Bass (Adventure Time)
Created by Prophet
"Some kind of lute..."

Not really, just a battle axe converted into a bass guitar by Marceline, from Adventure Time[adventuretime.wikia.com].


If you like it, don't forget to rate. Thanks! :)

Batman Arkham City - Bane (Tank) NO MUSIC VERSION
Created by PHY0N1X
After high request I have removed the custom tank music, I'm sure some of you would rather have your own soundtrack to bring down the masked luchador Bane with, such as the Skyrim dragon battle music or even some Rock 'n' Roll! B) \m/...
Xenomorph (Hunter)
Created by Stay Puft
This replaces the hunter with a xenomorph from Aliens Vs Predator 2010. Game over man, game over!

Green blood mod:
Vomitjar - animated glowing green v2
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
as title states...its green, animated and glowing v2
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own.
TF2 Sandvich for Tank rock
Created by RWBY
[Cues Carpenter Brut-Roller Mobster]
*a wild Ursa Major Heavy Tank appears*
Ursa Major Heavy Tank: Da, this vill work. *plants arms into ground, pulls out a Sandvich*
[Cues MGS Alert sound]
Yang: *! appears* Wha?! Is that a Sandv...
TF2 Dispenser Medkit
Created by neodos
This medkit looks like a TF2 dispenser plushie, originally created as a TF2 item for the engineer, a backpack named 'Packable Provisions'.

Since I love L4D and many people asked if I could port this model to to L4D2 as the medkit I decided to give it a ...
Team Health Counter
Created by Rayman1103
This addon adds a health counter for Survivor teammates. Now you can see how much health they actually have in numbers, allowing for a more accurate display of their health....
SMG Silenced - hellsing gold
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
a gold ssmg
custom normal map
custom exponent map
mod works best on very high shader settings
(gold/gloss fx does not work on lower end pc)...
SlenderMan V2
Created by Splinks2
This is a piece I wanted to do to help bring awarness of the fundraiser
"Narrators uNIGHTed"

This fundraiser was to help the 12 year old girl that was brutally attacked and
and stabbed a total of 19 times from two of her classmates that did so to a
Shotgun_SPAS - hellsing gold
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
a gold spas
custom normal map
custom exponent map
mod works best on very high shader settings
(gold/gloss fx does not work on lower end pc)...
SMG - hellsing gold
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
a gold smg
custom normal map
custom exponent map
mod works best on very high shader settings
(gold/gloss fx does not work on lower end pc)...
Brutal Frying Pan
Created by That Greek Guy
This is my entry for the Household Homicide contest.

Personally i never liked cooking. I apreciate good food but not enough to actually make it for myself. I really like frying pans though. They just feel so good to handle and swing around but unfortuna...
Chris Walker(Outlast)-Charger
Created by ৡLuciferFlashঌ
I really in love with Outlast :D it's a very spooky adn good game :D so i decided to make a mod with the Big monster :D Chris Walker :D im planning to make sound mod too but i dunno how to ripp the sounds from the game :I so maybe i wont make it :/ :D Chec...
Cinematic Lighting Effects
Created by Red Schism
Changes most light sprites and some particle effects into a more "Hollywood stylized" effect.

Adds horizontal flare to pathway lights, changes 3rd person flashlight glow to a smaller more realistic glow, new sun glare, and changes various other glowing li...
Created by Splinks
Hey, ya you. Wade Wilson here, but you can call me The Crimson Nutcase.

Okay not much time and we all know you hate to read alot, so we only have one chance to get this right; Now listen up Player. Here's the gist, some guy named Splinks made my job even...
Detailed Pipebomb with Animated Lightbulb
A high quality detailed pipebomb in your hand, completely revamped texture doubled to 1024px, with custom alpha, normal and exponent maps, and the animating light powered by Duracell Procell....
GenJi Katana
Created by ClearSkyC

i have been playing OverWatch, i like genji's unique skill, so i made his katana for l4d2, hope you like it.

Blizzard - Model; Textures; Sound;
Me - Animations; Materials; Compile.


no sound version - http://ste...
Halo 3 Crowbar (Crowbar)
Created by Danger Wasp
"The crowbar is a tool consisting of a metal bar with a single curved end and flattened points used as a lever either to force apart two objects or to remove nails. It is manufactured by Cimaroon, a business company whose products were available at Oh2-Hnz...
Halo 4 Energy Sword
* Replaces the Machete.

* Features:
- Customized HD textures, phong, etc.
- Custom overlapping texture animations & "sine" fading.
- Transparent & Glows in the dark! (took a lot of MacGyvering)
- Handle get bloody with kills.

* Not Included:
- Weapon Ic...
Isaac Clarke (Fully Suited)
Created by Splinks
Stick around, I'm full of bad ideas!
- Isaac Clarke...
Kenny (Injured) - The Walking Dead
Created by CrazyRabbitNZ
Replaces Francis

Kenny is an original character, the tritagonist, in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One and the deuteragonist in Season Two. A likable, but nevertheless flawed man, Kenny acts as the de-facto leader of the group and is a sharp,...
KF2 Remington 1858's
Created by Lt. Rocky
Happy Birthday. You know who you are.

Its my 1858's again, this time on the pistols.

Do enjoy.


Killing Floor 2 - Model & Textures; Animation; Audio; Briar

Master Chief
Created by Splinks
The time has come for the apocalypse and this madness to come to an end, and lets top it off with a tea-bagging from the legendary Master Chief.

If you would like more of my mods not hosted on workshop
please ...
Sexy Nurse Witch
Created by ৡLuciferFlashঌ
It was requested :D I made a full hair rig for it :D and also fixed alphamaps (original witch's hair isnt jiggle at the back) Textures painted by me, exept the witch's hair and face :D and the shoes reflection by @KassieCageBlade<3

I want to say thanks...
Rochelle - Dressed For Success
Created by Sharon
Presenting a fresh alternative Rochelle dressed in an elegant business ensemble, comfortable pumps and a handbag that's both stylish and efficient. Also introducing beautifully redefined facial features for Rochelle as well as an original modern hairstyle....
Created by Splinks
Hope you faced your demons, if not prepare to weep.

So yet again I couldn't help but think of making the jockey once again freaky as hell.

Game Franchise: Devil May Cry...
Potato | Boomer
Created by [NO NAME]
Potato | Boomer
Mod which change Boomer model to Potato

How to install :
1.Click subscribe button.
2.Open game .
3.In Main menu go to ADD-ONS.
4.Select "Potato | Boomer ".

Congratulations,you install the mod. :3 [/spoi...
Particles support (updated)
Created by Urik
particle fx in this mod for:
Lt. Rocky - various gun mods
Jimonions - Gunkanjima survival map
Zira - muzzle flashes used in some of Dr. Haus' weapon mods [url...
NCR Ranger Bill
Created by Lt. Rocky
Days like these make you wish for a nuclear hell in a hand basket.

Sheriff Bill is the law, and you will conform, or suffer the beard.

Its Bill! In the suit of a ranger of the New California Republic, the face of Fallout: New Vegas, from the [...
Original Louis
Created by Splinks2
Another gift from the Archives.


The Fro is Back!!!...
Original Zoey
Created by Splinks2
Yes all the glory is back, The kneepads, socks, ammo vest, the hoodie!! Yes Original Zoey is Here!!!


Because High Socks are Cool!!!...