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Advanced Thatch
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Jan 21 @ 4:09pm
Jun 15 @ 8:38pm
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Advanced Thatch

18 New primal structures with a new HD look and thatch based.

When we first started playing ARK, we were like everybody else: alone, naked and cold. As Bear Grylls taught us in Man vs Wild, building a shelter is your first priority. Searching desperately into the engram list, the first structure we have access to is the thatch. Ok, find wood, thatch and fiber! Done! Now craft it and finally place it.
Days passed, weeks, months… We almost thought: “Hey, let’s play Rust instead”. But we love ARK so much ! Let’s build our own thatch structures like we would do it in a real (virtual) survival situation! We installed the SDK, designed our dream thatch structures, modeled it, textured it and here it is!

Mod released version v1.13
Mod ID : 847495728
Mod Download Size : 69.0 Mb

The Assets:
✔ Thatch Foundation
✔ Thatch Wall
✔ Thatch Doorframe
✔ Thatch Door
✔ Thatch Ceiling
✔ Thatch Sloped Roof
✔ Thatch Half Wall Left
✔ Thatch Half Wall Right
✔ Thatch Ramp
✔ Thatch Pillar
✔ Thatch Railing
✔ Thatch Ladder
✔ Thatch Catwalk
✔ Thatch Window
✔ Thatch Window Frame
✔ Thatch Cage Door
✔ Thatch Cage Doorframe
✔ Thatch Cage Wall
More to come!

The Look:
✔ Textures based on real life leafs, wood and bamboo pictures.
✔ More organized assembly.
✔ SubSurface Scattering (you can also disable it in the graphics settings)
✔ Normal Mapping
✔ Physical destruction
✔ Clean alpha
✔ 4K textures (True in-game 4K textures hack)

The Performances:
✔ The whole structure set is using the same unique UV space,(~80% less memory usage for thatch structures - meaning that graphic cardz are gonna be happier)
✔ One simple unique shader for entire structure set.
✔ Polygons optimisation ~30% less than original depending on the model.

The Gameplay:
✔ Amount of resources needed between Thatch and Wooden legacy structures.
✔ More Strength than legacy Thatch
✔ 100% snap compatible with legacy structures
✔ Add new Thatch Structures; Ramp, Pillar, Railing.
✔ Craft speed 1.0 (Craft repair 5.0)

Global tests:
✔ The Island
✔ The Center
✔ Primitive Plus
✔ Scorched Earth
✔ Ragnarok

A Little Further Out
🔨 Improved MOD Stability
🔨 New structures: TrapDoor Frame, TrapDoor, Elevator, Stairs, Dino Gate, Dino Gateway, New Cage Structures and much more!
🔨 Texture variation over time!
🔨 Ceiling look improved
🔨 Custom paint work available
🔨 More polygons optimisation (mainly on ropes and destructive meshes)
🔨 Improved polygons collisions
🔨 Shader optimisation
🔨 Specific Representative "on-ground" meshes for dropped thatch resource and thatch structures.

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Crite  [author] Aug 19 @ 8:32pm 
@jpboy9 Thank you dude ;)
@smaurine82 Hello, You should report this bug, we didn't know about that, we are sorry for you and your house.
smaurine82 Aug 19 @ 8:13pm 
I've spent several hours playing this and I've decided to no longer use it because it does weird things when placing items on the floor - like eats them and sometimes they try to snap to the floor below. IDK if this is a bug or not. I also dislike that you cannot use the "replace" mechanic with these so I would have to take apart my whole house if I wanted to upgrade to wood. Basically I was stuck with a thatch house my whole playthrough. Lastly, I really dislike that they are not able to be picked up like many other part mods.
jpboy9 Aug 18 @ 7:32pm 
Taking a while to download
jpboy9 Aug 18 @ 6:59pm 
Also bamboo is the best grass ever (yes, its grass i go to a school made of bamboo so yeah...)
jpboy9 Aug 18 @ 6:58pm 
So... Thatch upgrade? Huh, cheaper than wood, better than thatch, A CHEAPSKATES DREAM! Looks great tho and i just downloaded a bunch of other primitive middle ground items, this will fit the theme well! Great job!
Janda Aug 17 @ 10:01am 
Happy to hear about the not needing to unlock the normal thatch!
Crite  [author] Aug 17 @ 4:01am 
@Knyteshade Thank you ! We are working on the paintable feature ;)
@smaurine82 In the next update you will not need to unlock normal Thatch ;)
@number6xenomorph Unfortunately it's impossible to use our textures on their model, but we are making a side mode with mesh replacment only for the basic thatch structures. That's probably what you are expecting ;)
number6xenomorph Aug 16 @ 7:00am 
i wish this was a texture replacer insted
smaurine82 Aug 15 @ 10:26am 
I wish these were 0 engram points because you have to unlock the normal thatch in order to unlock the other building parts such as wood.
Knyteshade Aug 5 @ 5:10pm 
Thumbs up! I love this mod!
It's quickly become a personal favorite.

Feature request: 1) Make them able to be picked up. 2) Make them paintable.
I would be rolling in delight!

Thanks for the awesome work!