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Elevated station
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Elevated station

In 1 collection by Enzojz
Enzojz's Underground / Multi-level Station, Flying Junction etc...
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An elevated station minimizing the use of terrain.
* From 2 to 12 tracks
* From 40m to 480m platform lengths
* Santiago Calatrava style roof inspired by Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana Station, or simple roofs
* Customizable roofs
* Available from 1990

To be implemented:
* Extra street connection
* Central tracks without platforms
* 1920 era station
* As suggestion from players

- Changed option "Always tracks in the middle" to "Track Layout"
- Correction of crash with central platform with 2 tracks layout.
- Correction of option "Always tracks in the middle"
- Correction of the distortion of trams running through under the entry
- Added the option to have central tracks or not
- Central tracks for 2, 6, 10 tracks configurations
- Fixed bug that door opens always on right side
- Fixed 320m station street connection bug
- Fixed failure on large road connection from the back side of the station
- Bugfix and improvements to materials
- First release
* Planned projects
- Curved station
- Overground / elevated Crossing station
- Overground / underground Crossing station
- Lyon St Exupery

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zhouyu2 Aug 4 @ 11:32pm 
Enzojz  [author] Jul 28 @ 7:43am 
@GD I will do an evolution to the station later, but for the moment I am working on upgrade of the flying junction and my own curved station.
GD Jul 27 @ 5:49pm 
One of my favorite mods so far, really nice work and well done! A little wish: Can you make the underpass a valid bus-/tram-station? No graphics needed for the first version, just a valid halt. Really nice as well would be if the underpass can be configured to be, e.g. 4-way or even 6-way street.
NightCraft Jul 7 @ 5:56am 
This is an amazing work, thank you for this.
I could only hope for something like this in the game and you created it
Enzojz  [author] Jun 25 @ 11:30am 
@rose4100 Thank you for undertsnading. For the moment I still have different station mods to create, if I have time when I finish all I will be able to come back for single platform.
rose4100 Jun 25 @ 11:14am 
@Enzojz Thanks for the response. Just curious.
Enzojz  [author] Jun 25 @ 8:15am 
@rose4100 Since one track is not generateable, it will be a manual exception and will increase complicity of the code which leads to more bug. This will take me too much time to deal with. I don't want to cover 100% of case if the rest of 5% takes me 50% of times.
rose4100 Jun 25 @ 5:59am 
Love the mod but one little complaint. Why is the minimum track 2 and not one? It would be more handy for squeezing into tight, inner-city locations.
Enzojz  [author] Jun 23 @ 4:46pm 
Made a upgrade on location of script hope these help resolve some crash problem.
Enzojz  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:55pm 
@chenzhuo94 妮娜自己的MOD惹的祸,你问她去。