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"The Umbra Sword was enchanted by the ancient witch Naenra Waerr, and its sole purpose was the entrapment of souls. Used in conjunction with a soul gem, the Sword allows the wielder the opportunity to imprison an enemy's soul in the gem. Naenra was executed for her evil creation, but not before she was able to hide the Sword. The Umbra Sword is very choosy when it comes to owners and therefore remains hidden until a worthy one is found." —Yagrum Bagarn, Tamrielic Lore

Adds the legendary artifact Umbra to the ruins of Valthume, enchanted with the following effect:

"If target dies within [6] seconds, fills a soul gem. Umbra blackens soul gems when placed in hot coals."

Umbra is a sword famous for driving its owners batshit crazy, thanks in no small part to the homicdial, soul-devouring enchantment living within the blade.

This sword has been through hell and back (literally), and all of Umbra's previous bearers have either slain gods or devolved into bloodthirsty lunatics. Some did both! Now you can, too.

Revision 1.1

Umbra can now be reforged into a one-handed version of itself, as well as either a one or two-handed unenchanted version. Equip Umbra and bring it to the Skyforge.
This cannot be undone, so choose wisely. Removing Umbra's enchantment also removes all special effects.

Unenchanted versions are called "Ebony Claymore" and "Ebony Longsword"

Pre-emptive Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: how strong is it? what are the stats?
A: it's two-handed and the stats are equivalent to a daedric greatsword. but seriously, this is skyrim. my iron dagger makes dragons explode. stop worrying about stats.
1.1 - the one-handed umbra has slightly higher damage than a daedric longsword with a slightly lower attack speed.

Q: can I upgrade it?
A: yes, with arcane blacksmith and an ebony ingot.

Q: what is this thing it says it does?
A: when umbra is equipped, it allows you to convert empty grand soul gems into black soul gems at any forge.

Q: wasn't umbra one-handed in oblivion?
A: I sometimes like to pretend oblivion never happened (this model is based on the original, two-handed design of the sword seen in morrowind). Also the two-handed weapons in skryim really need some love. All they got was an underpowered Ebony Blade (which ironically isn't supposed to be two-handed).

Q: where can I find umbra?
A: I'm impressed you found this question without reading anything else. Umbra is in the main chamber of Valthume, probably sitting on a throne.

Q: I'm in Valthume and all I found is this bloodthirsty cat.
A: yes. yes you did.

Q: is this sword talking to me or am I just going insane?
A: yes.

Q: wasn't Umbra destroyed during the events of Gregory Keyes' novels "The Infernal City" and "Lord of Souls," about 160 years prior to Skyrim?
A: yes.

Q: why doesn't it look like the umbra I remember?
A: it never will again. the textures in morrowind were actually on the cheap side. I don't blame bethesda, it was a big game and took a lot of work to develop. the textures in oblivion on the other hand were all on the shiny and fancy side. I don't blame them here either, texture technology had improved a lot in a short time and the imperial province had a pretty regal feel about it, so everything in the game matched up. skyrim is a gritty, dirty, bloody place, and I wanted to make sure umbra would fit in just fine.

Q: are you working on any more mods?
A: fang of haynekhtnamet.


"Umbra is one-handed!"
"Umbra was one-handed in oblivion!"
"This isn't one-handed!"

Please read the FAQ (and other comments) if you're about to make one or more of the above statements. As of 1.1, Umbra can be reforged into a one-handed version at the Skyforge.
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Wolf Mar 1 @ 10:43pm 
Umbra is everything.
ishootnoobs01 Feb 3 @ 7:40pm 
can u make the soul trap 120 sec. like in oblivion
scoutmaster 21 Feb 1 @ 1:39pm 
lol devorer in a sword!
thealexgonzo Jan 31 @ 12:22am 
Very amused with your Q&A section. :P
Pixel Paladin X Jan 28 @ 6:40pm 
Ok, Thanks!
(^-.-)>  [author] Jan 28 @ 6:33pm 
Negative. Grab it whenever you like.
Pixel Paladin X Jan 28 @ 6:31pm 
Just a question, is Umbra a leveled item? I just want to check before I get it, but I suppose I can get get it again later.
Nefnoj Jan 5 @ 8:03pm 
"The Prince possessed Attrebus and used the Umbra Sword to stab Sul. Sul punched Attrebus and returned him to normality, before jumping on the orb of the ingenium with the sword still embedded in his chest. This turned his body and the Umbra Sword to smoke"

'Till some clever dunkledrat collected the smokey bits in a jar, poured it in a freezer, and hoped that it would work. It did. That dunkledrat 's name was "(^-.-)>", and his name will live on.

Why did it take me so long to find "where can I find umbra?" I read through the whole thing and had to go through it more than once to find it. I'm a dimblebip. It'd be neat if you made the one-handed version use a design based off of Oblivion. You probably shouldn't just to be safe. I kind of wish there wasn't an unenchanted version... Special swords need to be more special!

My comment is too long.
Gol Zin Viing Dec 4, 2014 @ 4:42pm 
Well that's another artifact recovered and locked away and another Khajit without a head....Course NPC's dont have much in the way of brains....give them ebony armor and they think they are God.....Umbra never even came into play....QuahNaarin deheaded that muttering cat fast.
van.cook Dec 3, 2014 @ 4:17pm