Weasel's Lair TF2 servers, player spray animation (HYPNO)
"A hypnotic-suggestion animation composed of over 6,900 in-game player sprays, gathered from various Weasel's Lair TF2 dedicated game-servers ( over a period of a couple of years?). DO YOU RECOGNIZE YOUR SPRAY IN THIS COLLECTION?

Note-1: This video has NOT been tested to determine if it may cause epileptic seizures. No epileptic test subjects were available or would volunteer for such testing!

Note-2: This video may include subliminal or hynotic suggestions that will prevent you from functioning normally with society. By continuing to watch this video, you agree to surrender your life to weasel's lair.

Note-3: The audio track is from a public-domain source. Specifically, it is "The Devil is a Captcha", by Lee Rosevere.

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