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Kemono Michi -White Moment-
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 13 @ 9:03am
Jan 24 @ 8:51am
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[Release Update]
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Release date: Middle of February
Kemono Michi~White Moment~

Story synopsis:
Large sword in hand, a man plans his escape from the organization.
Running from his pursuers, he is forced to wander.
Then, before his eyes… a girl appears.
In the silver-haired girl’s hand, a long sword that seems otherworldly.
The moment she sees him, she attacks at blinding speed.

Despite his artificially enhanced body, the girl’s attacks move with god-like speed
slowly closing in on him…
One can only wonder why she is after him
as she glares with glowing red eyes that pierce the shadows…

“Kemono Michi” is the story of a man who lost his memory
and his grueling fight against a sinister organization.

※“Kemono Michi” means beast road.

Full-voice acting (from over 20 voice actors)
Opening movie
Original theme song
In-game cinematics
Expanded story (Unlocks after completion of main story.)

This adventure game has been played by more than 30k users and is soon to be released on Steam!

Developed by MBFFILMs
Published by SouthWorks
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