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Castle Defender
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jan 11 @ 10:23am

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Castle defender is a fast paced defending arcade-strategy game where you must use spells to stop various enemies that will come and try to destroy your castle.
You must wisely use your spells to stop first the strongest enemies like kamikadze that will do huge damage to the castle.
There are many environments and many enemy types(including flying ones ) each one with unique characteristics.
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Make 1 decent game instead of 9 putrid, festering piles of rancid feces.
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You must have a very dedicated fanbase (of bots) that will stand by your products (until you stop paying them). 6 awful games greenlit in such a short period of time and continued shitposting. A++ quality developer.
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Meanwhile on Kongregate.
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