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Genre: Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 11 @ 9:11am
Jan 16 @ 2:14am

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Release date: Spring 2017
A simple casual game, to the 77th girl Lily equipped with a variety of dismantling weapons, and choose to carry a mechanical pet, at a critical time to use strong skills, demolish all attempts to approach or shooting Lily Of the mechanical monsters!
  • Dismantling weapons and mechanical pets have their own different characteristics of the parameters, not only upgrade parameters, the shape will become more beautiful
  • All mechanical monsters will be hit by flying around the parts, and will gradually drop parts, some mechanical monster in the dismantled half will become more vulnerable or more ferocious
  • When a large number of mechanical monsters on the screen, and quickly use your weapons skills, so that the entire screen instantly flying over countless monster parts it
  • In the store to buy food can enhance the role of girl Lily property, which will let you slowly get more and more straightforward to crazy level of combat
  • These features will be the second generation of the game in the ACT completely retain the inherited! No, it should be more mature to strengthen

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by 不想透露姓名的老丁
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China-Santiago Jan 13 @ 11:27pm 
Hi, may I ask if you are interested in adding Chinese language option in your game <DisassemblyGirl>?
Could you please give me your contact methods?
Our services also include game testing, debugging.
We have more than tens of thousands premium users.
We can also help your game being available on various platforms in China (TPG, 360 etc.) and Win 10 Store.
We are able to provide localisation service of 12 different languages + Southeast Asian languages.
lease feel free to contact me. My email
thelastmonte Jan 13 @ 2:00am 
Looks like a lot of work and detail went into making a boring game.
azirphaeli Jan 12 @ 8:56am 
I downvote anything with a pause icon in a corner of the screen.
Deleting comments really? This game is trash
Smorgle Jan 11 @ 7:38pm 
No thanks.
Dragon Jan 11 @ 1:49pm 
Why the resubmission?
sKumbag70 Jan 11 @ 1:31pm 
Looks like a crap mobile game. Which has no place on the Steam store.
🇺🇻🇧-76 Jan 11 @ 12:58pm 
No thanks
elderscrolls35 Jan 11 @ 12:08pm 
No! I don't see something special in this game, you just stand on one place and are shooting at them - no cool! No! Bad idea of this game!
Pot8er Jan 11 @ 11:35am 
how about in an hour?