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Flight to Eternity
Jan 11 @ 9:02am

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150 Yes!
Release date: 2017
Could you put your plane on the right footsteps in the depths of space in a place that's never known? An airplane that is mistakenly lost in the depths of the universe has to follow the right path to be able to return to the world. Someone has to fly the plane in this right direction. You can be that person!

Simple Controls
You will enjoy the fun in this game with functions that you can manage your aircraft in a simple way. There are simple controls that everyone can play.

Each 1000 pounds is worth a boost, up by 1. You can activate the emulator with the "e" key and you can be more serial in your way of infinity. This is one of the best features in addition to this fun game.

Free To Play
The game is likely to be played for free. This is an indication of the player's abundance. We do not consider adding a multiplayer option in this single player game.
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KEN1METAL Jan 18 @ 11:36pm 
looks fun. upvoted
Efe Eren Jan 17 @ 12:53pm 
pretty good
KadirGNC Jan 13 @ 6:59am 
Looks Good
azirphaeli Jan 12 @ 8:59am 
Watched the video waiting for the part where a good game appeared, instead it was the same zero effort crap from start to finish.

150 yes votes you say? Looks like boosters on your friends list may be working out.
🇺🇻🇧-76 Jan 12 @ 8:16am 
I didn't say you did, I just said you associated with them.
Préquénce Jan 12 @ 8:16am 
Very Nice bro :)
Fl3R's  [author] Jan 12 @ 8:12am 
I have only 14 attached friends. I do not do anything related to the greenlight booster.
🇺🇻🇧-76 Jan 12 @ 7:54am 
Scummy greenlight boosters on your friends list.

No thanks mate
FraGcH0R R0m4N :v Jan 12 @ 6:00am 
Wow i like it very nice
Lord Of Turkey Jan 12 @ 2:10am 
Wow i like it very nice